When did we become so soft?

It seems we're going through a period of being perma-offended by everything everyone else does or says.

Don't agree with it?  Can't turn a blind eye like we used to in the old days?

No, we have to organise some rally about it.

Or start a Facebook page stating non-facts for Facebook idiots to believe without checking first.

We've become soft.

What the hell is going on?

Where has this come from?

The Brexit event has totally brought about this surge in people being utter cocks.

No more can we ignore when people say things we don't agree with.  No, let's take it a step further.

I saw a Tweet the other day that said Richard Branson should be put in jail for tax evasion.

I replied to the Tweet to suggest that he hadn't actually evaded tax, if it's true he has used a tax loophole then he hasn't broken any law.  It might be morally wrong but it isn't a crime.

The response I got "You're an idiot" and I was blocked.

Good old freedom of speech, eh?

The "Youth of Today" are even worse.  Paul Joseph Watson refers to them brilliantly as "butt-hurt milennials" and he's absolutely spot on.

Everything is too much trouble for them, their human rights being infringed by asking them to turn on the washing machine.

Leave a list of easy tasks to carry out during the course of the day, they're on the phone to Childline, comparing the place to Tenko.

They don't understand the way the world works yet they seem to have an answer for everything.

The sooner we can do one to another planet the better!  Let's leave all the oxygen thieves down here with their faux-grief, faux-offence and bullshit factoids and get a proper civilisation going.