When charity dumbs down

Is it just me or has charity dumbed the fuck right down?

Gone are the days where people used to do extraordinary things to raise money for charity, these days we're all encouraged to take part.

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not (that much of) a heartless cunt, I've done my bit for charity many times and will continue to do so, but it seems the extraordinary feats have been swapped for extraordinary, nay, novelty bullshit.

You're less likely to hear "I'm climbing Everest to raise money for children with Leukemia" and more likely to hear "I'm ringing the double glazing company, Everest, to raise money for an illegal immigrant to have his own dog"

People used to do sponsored walks, where we'd sponsor them "50p per mile", or "£5 fix" if we didn't want them to rip us off (Remember that?!)

People used to really go to town with their fund raising ideas.  These days it's all stupid fads with even stupider slogans.

Take for example, Movember.  For those not in the know, it consists of men growing a moustache for the month of November, in aid of Prostate Cancer UK.

A bloody worthy cause, and one I would give money to any day of the week.

I've even taken part in Movember, raising around £50 for looking like a 1970's IRA bomber.

But I could have just donated some money to the charity if it had asked.  I didn't need to grow a moustache for it.

I'm surprised we haven't had Decembeard, but then again, every fucker has a beard these days.  Even the women, who could, to be honest have Fanuary.

Then we had "Go Sober for October", which sounds shit.  "Stoptober" would have sounded better.

But why?  Don't drink for the month of October and raise funds for another charity.  

It's all well and good giving up booze for a month but people have to actually donate on your behalf.

And now we have "Brave the Shave".

Guess what, people have their hair cut or shaved off.

And they're being "brave".  I have my head shaved every 2-4 weeks and nobody is giving me money for it, nor am I "brave".

Who the hell is brave for having their haircut?  Except maybe Simon Weston?

I know charity is big business these days, we're being asked to contribute to every single charity there is, which just isn't possible.

But come on, if you want me to part with my (not that) hard earned money then make it worthwhile, do something interesting, do something challenging!

Otherwise we're on the cusp of having a charity event that's as dumb as "Don't just stand there and seethe, pay me to breathe".