Notice me!

So I was checking Twitter the other day and came across a Twat?  Twitter user?  I dunno.

Anyway, what I found was this:

This is her bio.

And this sums up people today, obsessed with Social Media.

So this girl, who I think is probably in her teens (if you're wondering, I found her profile / account whilst searching for something that was happening in the area at the time.  I'm not Jimmy Savile) and she's clearly a Little Mix fan.  Fair enough, I guess there has to be somewhere.

However, not content with just keeping this info to herself she tells the world she's seen Little Mix, twice.

Poor sod.

But it gets worse.  She has met Niomi Smart.  Whoever the hell she is.  She's also been "Noticed" by her too.  Not just once, twice.

Noticed by Sean Elliott OC.  Who he?

Noticed by Olly Fucking Murrs.

Noticed by Jim Chapman.  No, me neither.

By noticed, I can only assume that means she's Tweeted them and they've "Liked" her Tweet.

Even though these people (I only know Olly Fucking Murrs, the massive stain) probably have their Twitter accounts run by PR companies.

I can't imagine Olly Bastard Murrs sat around at night in his boxers liking Tweets from teenage girls.

Then again, he does look a bit suspect in that hat.

He looks the sort to leave his washing out at night, know what I mean?

Anyway, this is what "Da Yoof" aspire to now is it?  Having Tweets liked by the PR companies of possible "Celebs"?

Even if it was His Bastard Murrship himself, that's hardly a thing to be proud of is it?

I fear for society.