Fat Cat Friday

So, yesterday was apparently "Fat Cat Friday".

According to experts (wankers), this is the day of the year that by lunch time the UK's top company bosses will have earned the same as an average worker will for the entire year.

It's a bit odd giving this thing a name as I don't recall it ever being used before.  Do you remember Fat Cat Friday 2018?  I don't.  Maybe I was out shooting peasants and eating swan for lunch.

fat cat friday

Cue a load of news sites crowing about it, including Sky News, who of course are known for paying their top staff £7.50 an hour.

Oh wait, no that's not right.

And indeed, can you guess which self parodic Newspaper couldn't wait to get in on the act?  It really needs no introduction, The Grauniad.

So what is Fat Cat Friday then?  Well, apart from what I've said above, it seems to be a way for envious people to have a go at the rich or those in higher paid jobs.

Is that OK though?  I mean, if you were offered more money in your job you'd take it, right?  That £5000 raise you've been told you're getting, you've turned it down and asked for it to be used to help the homeless or to give it to Donna on the shop floor because she's only getting minimum wage and you reckon she looks like he could do with a pie or 2.

Yes, you may think some of these top execs do sod all all day, because naturally you think you're the only person in your company who does any work, right? (And don't tell me you've never felt that, because I have!)

You don't know what that guy at the top does, he's sat in his office all day.  You're not privy to his e-mails, phone calls or meetings but you jolly well know he's up to no good and doing nothing to earn him that £1m a year salary, because you know everything, right?

Wrong, you don't.  If you did, you'd be higher up, you'd be in that guy's seat, defending him or herself from the likes of you.

See, it's not nice when you put it that way is it?

Don't get me wrong, not all of those so called Fat Cats earn their money and quite often these kind of people get found out and get moved on; it's not a job for life.

You may feel that a someone like that, sat in an office all day isn't worth the kind of money he or she is earning, but what do you compare that with?  In all honesty, I sit in an office all day, do I think my salary more than double what a nurse or soldier earns is right?  Of course not.  What about the people toiling outside on farms etc?  Definitely not.  But I do, because I work for a private company and that's the going rate for my role.  Is it my fault I've had a successful career?  Well, in some respects yes, I've worked hard to get where I am today.

reggie perrin cj

It's not like I've demanded particular salaries, in fact I took a much lesser salary once when I was made redundant and moved to a new job on the proviso it went up when I proved myself.  Within 14 months my salary had increased by £9.5k.  I didn't demand that, the business saw my worth and paid it out.

Let's be clear here, I'm not a fat cat, although I've been called names that rhyme with it.  I'm not at the top end of a business, but I understand why some of these people earn what they do.

They're often solely responsible for the running of the business.  I've seen CEO's and the like be sacked because the business has not made enough sales.  The CEO has been held responsible for that, not the Sales Manager or the Marketing people.  Top managers can lose their jobs because Billy in Sales called someone on Twitter a nasty name and his account has his real name and a picture of him on it.

These are the responsibilities these people have, they can be sacked because of other people.  Those kind of responsibilities have to come with a decent remuneration.

Some of the salaries are absolutely obscene, you won't get an argument from me, but have you seen what your average footballer earns these days?  When you compare a player earning £250k a week PLUS bonuses such as appearance fees or goal bonuses then you have to turn your attention to that.