I hear you're a Nazi now, Father.

I'm a Nazi, you're a Nazi, he's a Nazi, she's a Nazi, wouldn't you like to be a Nazi too?

(Ten points if you get where that is from)

The term Nazi is bandied around an awful lot these days, to the point where it's no longer relevant or meaningful, pretty much like the term "Racist".

Society is so keen to label people regardless of whether the "insult" is relevant, it's important that people have their say.  And none more so than those on the left who brand anyone who disagrees with them a racist, bigot, fascist or a nazi.

The left have doorstepped Jacob-Rees Mogg on more than one occasion to call him names, in fact they've directed their abuse at his son which is out of order.  The left have followed Nigel Farage and called him a Nazi many times.

At no point was anything done about this.

So imagine my surprise when I saw this:

lbc nazi crime

For those who don't know, Pro-Brexit protesters chanted "Soubry is Nazi, Soubry is a Nazi, la la la la, la la la la" (football chant style) whilst she was being interviewed by BBC's Simon McCoy.

Those who oppose the chant say she was "intimidated" by the protesters, which is strange as she was on a bridge nowhere near to the protesters themselves which is stark contrast to being doorstepped.

So, how can it be a crime to call someone a Nazi in this context but not when it's someone who is Pro-Brexit or doesn't align with the ideals of the left then it's deemed perfectly acceptable?

A senior policeman was interviewed last night and when aked if he thought it was a crime his response was, "I don't know".

How can he not know the answer?  It sounds suspiciously like the answer should be, "We'll decide if it's a crime depending on who is involved".

Calling someone a Nazi in this day and age and actually believing said person is so is just ludicrous.  I mean, for fucks sake, go back to the 80s where the term was used ironically against someome you didn't like.

Remember Rik in "The Young Ones", often referring to people as "Fascist bully boys".  If Rik was a real person do you think he really knew what it even meant?

The show took the piss in a way that probably wouldn't be allowed these days as it would upset so many people, there'd be an avalanche of snowflakes.

Rik was portrayed as a typical annoyed-at-everything, protest-at-everything student, who freely dished out the fascist lines.

Remember that supply teacher at school?  No, not the wet one that Gordon stealth bummed and made her cry.  The other one, the one who was complete cunt?  Chances you called him a Nazi?  99.9% m'lud.

That person who repeatedly corrects your spelling or grammar?  Fucking grammar Nazi's, right?

 So it's used as an insult to someone you don't like, or in particular someone who exerts authority over you?  I mean, you're genuinely not accusing them of being a member of the National Socialist German Workers' Party, right?

Sorry, what?  What's the National Socialist German Workers' Party?

Thought so.

Please see this excellent video by Jonathan Pie for further details.  The man is a genius.