Twitter loves Paedos

There's been a few posts on Twitter of late by people who identify as a MAP, a "Minor Attracted Person".

Basically it's a nice way of saying, "Hey!  I'm a paedophile!"

What makes this worse though is they're as bold as brass about it, no shame at all.

"It's OK", one says, "I am non-active"

Ah, that's OK then.  Until you become active, I guess?

These people often call themselves NOMAPS (Non Offending Minor Attracted Persons).

Where the hell has the stigma gone?  Who on earth genuinely comes out and says "Sorry guys, I get turned on by kids, my bad, but accept me please!"

What's worse is they're trying to align themselves with the LGBT community, which given we're in 2019 is actually accepted, despite some "victims" claiming they're not.

Unless you live in the US bible belt or a Muslim country you're pretty much nailed on to be accepted for being gay or bi.  Whereas if you live in the middle east you're just going to be nailed on.  Or thrown off a building.

I can't speak for the LGBT community clearly as I'm not part of it, however, I have friends who are and I'm pretty sure they'd be horrified to be associated with such people.

Paedophilia is not a sexual preference, how on earth does it even belong in the whole LGBT thing? (Personally I don't think the T should be there either but that's less offensive)

 What I find staggering is that Twitter accepts these people without issue, they're free to peddle their rhetoric as if it's OK to wank off to kids as long as you're not doing it with a real life one.

Why aren't these people banned?  Yet Twitter continues to suspend / ban those who speak out against them or those who satirise life in general.

Here's an example of someone who is quite happy to tell the world they like to fiddle kids if they could:

acceptable paedos

No evidence that an adult having sex with a kid causes trauma?

Hmm OK then.  I'm pretty sure there's FUCKING TONS OF EVIDENCE you absolute weapon.

But of course, as kids can't give consent to having sex then it doesn't matter, that settles it.  I mean, it's not like any child has ever been raped or abused has it?

Oh sorry, every child that Jimmy Savile had consented did they?

Society is getting more fucked up each day, we're actually legitimising paedophilia.

Way to go.