Brexit is an utter farce

Brexit, it's become an absolute farce, a fuckfest, an omnishambles, a total and utter bowl of cunt soup.

But why?  Given the Referendum was almost 3 years ago now, how on earth have we got to 5 days before Brexit is supposed to happen and nobody has any fucking idea what is happening.

Way back when we had the Referendum I said then that I was incredibly surprised at the result, I even suggested then that Brexit wouldn't happen.

I just had this feeling that something would happen and Brexit would be put on hold, indefinitely.

Theresa May was what they call a "Remainer", so she was never going to campaign to coming out.  Her constant "Brexit means Brexit" was dished out so many times it began to feel like an empty threat from an annoyed parent.

"If you don't stop that you won't go to that party", being uttered as the parent drops off their child at said party.

She's employed Brexit Secretary after Brexit Secretary and undermined every single one of them.  Theresa took over Brexit and has been trying to do a deal with the EU since around November 2018.

NOVEMBER 2018, the Referendum was June 2016.  

There's no deal been agreed yet.  There's a sort of deal agreed with the EU but it hasn't been passed through the Government.  The same deal keeps being offered to vote on, to the point where the Speaker of the House has now told her to come back with a different deal.

She hasn't a fucking clue what she's doing, or does she?

Is she doing what I suggested before, trying to run the clock down and then cancelling at the last minute?  Like that guy you worked with who is always definitely coming out for a beer next Friday night.

Absolutely, he'll be there.  He's proper looking forward to it.  Can't wait.

Come Thursday night, he's telling everyone all about it, he can't wait to go out and have those beers with his work mates.  

And then after work on Friday he goes home, has his tea and then cancels.

What a cunt.

Is May Bot just filibustering?  Talk shit right up until the last minute and then delay it?  That's certainly how it feels.

It's been such a clusterfuck the whole time, if she really didn't believe it could work why not just say early on?  She could have said that it wasn't in the best interests of the country and given the margin of the result was so little I genuinely think those who voted to Leave would have accepted it.  

I mean, there is the whole "going against democracy" argument, but that's something that has been suggested fairly recently.  These things should have been said right at the time.

It's clear lies have been told during the whole process, from both sides.  You show me a campaign that doesn't bullshit or skew figures.

But there's one thing about coming out the EU I just don't understand.

If the EU are so desperate for us to stay then why have they made it so difficult for us to get a deal that works for us?  Why have they said they would agree to a delay but only for a few weeks?

If they really want us to stay why haven't they offered us an incentive to revoke Article 50?  Why haven't they said we could delay indefinitely?

Why have they acted like a load of utter shithouses?

Are they REALLY that desperate for us to stay?  If they were they'd be pulling out all the stops and blowing smoke up our arses, but they're not.  They're insulting us and behaving like wankers.

It remains to be seen what will happen on Friday, but I really think we won't leave the EU then.

What a load of absolute tossers.