Notre Dame... The Bellends, the Bellends!

The Bellends! The Bellends!

Since the fire at Notre Dame there has been an appeal for help to rebuild it.

Two billionaires stepped forward and donated the princely sum of £300m to help the cause.

Cue loads of people demanding that these billionaires put their money into solving world hunger instead.


So, these billionaires have no doubt earned their money, hopefully in good faith. Why should they listen to a bunch of lefties determine what they do with their own money?
It's not the billionaires responsibility to solve all the problems in the world is it?

And who knows WHAT they're spending their money on anyway? They could well be funding food banks for all we know, and fair fucks to them if they are.

I'm not saying that people shouldn't help if they can, I certainly would. I've had ideas before about what I'd do if I won a certain amount on Euromillions for example. But to demand that a hugely historic (and beautiful) building such as Notre Dame shouldn't be rebuilt because the money should go to starving people is just ludicrous.

Put yourself in this scenario. You're a millionaire, you won £15m on the Lottery a couple of years ago and have been pretty good with it. You've still got a massive chunk of the winnings and you'll never have to work again.

A local children's football team has its changing room broken into, vandalised and set on fire.

Lots of local kids are devastated. The club and parents don't have the £20k needed to sort the building out.

But you do. And you feel for them. Twenty grand is bugger all in the grand scheme of things, you've still got £13.5m in the bank. You'll earn another £20k in interest quite easily.

So you give the money to the local kids team to rebuild their hut / changing rooms. Maybe get them to call it the "Local Kids Football Team Sponsored by Monkey on Toast" hut.

But no!

That £20k will keep a load of parents who haven't enough money to feed their kids in food and "stuff" for months. Spend it on that instead you rotten bastard.

Hmmm. OK, I feel for these parents and children. It's not the kids fault, they didn't ask to be born to a bunch of dole dossing shithouses.

But I like football, and there's a load of kids who are devastated because their club hut's been fucked over. Replacing it out of the goodness of your own heart is a nice thing to do, no?



But it's my money. I get to decide what to do with it, right?

Well yes but if you don't use it to feed kids and buy them Iphones you're a bit of a Fascist / Nazi (delete as appropriate)

Oh. OK.

And when I've spent £20k feeding someone else's kids then what?

See, me giving £20k to a local kids team to rebuild their hut is a one off. Just like rebuilding an 856 year old building, the benefactors aren't rebuilding every building that is destroyed by fire, wind or flood. They more than likely have an interest in the building. Hell, they might even have a repayment plan from when it re-opens. Who knows?

For the record, I haven't won £15m on the lottery, nor have a sponsored a local kids football team or rebuilt their hut.

Once these guys have spent £150m a piece on solving world hunger and it turns out there's still a load of hungry people what next? Can we have another £150m please sir?

It shouldn't be down to the worlds richest people as individuals to solve the problems of the world. Money can help, of course it can, and I'm certainly not that much of a twat to suggest that hungry people should not be helped, but for fucks sake, people should have to help themselves first.

If people rely on others in such a way they'll never get themselves sorted out. It's like kid who has just left home knowing that if he or she can't afford their rent one month because they've blown it on weed and beer then Mummy or Daddy will bail them out.

Food banks shouldn't exist in this day and age, but they do. It's not all down to Tory Austerity though, as some people would have you believe.

Can't afford to feed your kids? I'm not surprised with that £70 a month iPhone contract for you and your partner.

And your kids all have phones on contract too. You're spending £250 a month just on gadgets you really don't NEED.

Mate, it's not data you should be getting on "All you can eat" is it?