Re-ee-form #2 - Politics

Brexit, eh.  It's been a farce, hasn't it?

brexit eh




However, it's proven one thing, that politics is utterly, utterly fucked in this country.

Aside from democracy not being respected, whether you agree with the Referendum result or not; where we have a Prime Minister who has been doing everything she can for Brexit to fail despite telling the country that "Brexit means Brexit", "Leave means Leave" and "Rhythim Is Rhythim".

Not sure about the last one, might not have been Theresa come to think of it.

But it's true isn't it?  Politicians can't decide on a Brexit deal, even the pro Brexiteers who you'd have thought would have snapped up any deal just to get it through are delaying.  It has become evident that they are all a bunch of self serving bastards.

If there was a General Election tomorrow do you know who you would vote for?

I don't, not a clue.  It's very odd to be in this position.

There is not a single party or MP who I would put my trust in.  The whole thing is fucked.

So with this in mind, I think it's time that UK Politics was reformed.

Let's start again.

For a start we should be using "First past the post" rather than the Proportional Representation system that we use now.  The whole "number of seats" thing is ridiculous.  It's just so, well, British.  We really like to complicate matters don't we?

First past the post makes much more sense, whoever gets the most votes wins.  That's usually how any ballot works, but not us Brits, no.

I've said before that I think people who are running particular departments in Government should have worked in that sector in some way.

How on earth can Chris "Failing" Grayling and Michael "Berkshire" Hunt have been in charge of so many departments they have absolutely no knowledge or experience of?

Under a Monkey on Toast Party Government the Minister of Education MUST have worked in Education in some way.  Sexually abusing kids does not count.

An MOT Party Government would ensure that the Minister of Health has been a senior official within the NHS; a body on the ground, an ex GP, Doctor or Nurse rather than a faceless pen pusher who doesn't know their arse from their Trochlear Notch.

This is important shit, and these jobs have been passed around to incompetent nincompoops.

Why not go a step further and abandon the concept of political parties altogether?  Why not get the public to vote on the direction of policies instead, and the cabinet is made up of the people most experienced or able to do the job?

We should also limit the length of time an MP is allowed to be an MP.  Ten years maximum for example.  This would stop them from making a career of being an MP without being effective in any way at all.

The whole concept of politics in this country is so outdated and childish.

Sat there in the Houses of Parliament arguing with each other for the sake of it.  One side will never agree with the other, even it makes sense to do so.

"I think we should spend an extra £1m on tackling homelessness"

"Oh no, my Right Honourable friend is wrong"

"Why not?  Do you not think we should try to help those with no home?"


Two days later, opposing party, "I believe we should spend £5m to tackle homelessness"

ice cube confused

Why can't they just agree with other if an idea is a good one?  It's like they have to have the idea themselves.

And if one party returns to a manifesto promise from a different party then everyone goes nuts!  "It's not their idea!"

Well, who cares, if it's a good idea and should be implemented it shouldn't matter if it wasn't that particular party's idea.

The UK is a laughing stock over Brexit but the problems run far deeper than that mess.  We're way behind other countries in terms of technology and social aspects and we govern with a scattergun approach hoping things will work without putting any thought or effort into it.

If the UK was a football team it would be Manchester United.