My milkshake brings all the wasps to the yard

Milkshakes are the new Nazi accusation.

Yes, that's right.  People are throwing milkshakes at people they think are racist or Nazi's or Fascist.

Bit weird that, attacking or marking someone whose political leanings you don't agree with.

It's almost quite, well, Nazi-ish as well isn't it?  I mean, wasn't it the Nazi's who marked the houses of Jews etc?


"But these ARE racist people we're targeting", they might say.


Nigel Farage racist?  Let's just look up the term so we're all clear what Racist actually means, before the internet lefty snowflakes redefine it:

Showing or feeling discrimination or prejudice against people of other races, or believing that a particular race is superior to another.

Nigel Farage might be a lot of things, but he's not a racist.  He wants the UK out of the EU.  The EU isn't a country, it's not a continent, it's a union.  Not wanting to be part of that union does not make you a racist.

"These far right people deserve everything they get"

Far right.  That's the new term to label people if you're not calling them Nazis.  Then there's Alt-Right.

I'm not so sure Farage sits that far right.  He's clearly right wing, but to the point of extreme?  Not so sure.

Do not mistake this article as a vehicle to defend Farage, Tommy Robinson, Far Right or Alt Right (which I actually thought was something you found on a keyboard)....  I am slowly and deliberately labouring my way to a point.

You see, people should be allowed their opinions.  They should be allowed their political leanings and just because you don't agree with them it does not necessarily make them wrong.  Unless of course where people are deliberately trying to incite hatred or violence, that is clearly wrong.

But it only seems to be those "on the right" who are being milkshaked, isn't it strange that those of a central or right leaning disposition aren't milkshaking lefties like Owen Jones?

Well, no, because it seems the real lefties are unhinged.

"It's only a milkshake, you're overreacting!"

 And what when it's not?

 milkshake nutter

That's right.  Let's not milkshake people, let's throw acid at them instead.

This is from Ruth Townsley, a Labour member and get this, Head of measurement and policy at Happy City, a Bristol-based wellbeing charity.

A head at a charity is condoning throwing ACID at people whose political leanings are different to their own.

Ruth was sacked after her tweet was rightly reported, but she has form for being an arsehole, previously tweeting, "I've decided that violence against the rich is entirely justified and it's time to start killing them. That fella in the US got it right"

ruth townsley

Look at the absolute state of that.  Guaranteed 15 cats at home and hates men.

These lefties pretend they're on the side of the public, that they're doing good, but they're just nasty bastards.

Nobody should be attacked with milkshake, acid or any other items nor should there be any form of violence just because of their political leanings.  If they're genuinely so extreme that they're banned then the job has already been done.  We have to get away from these social justice warriors who think they're right and won't debate, calling for hatred and attacks on people.  We are genuinely one step away from someone being KILLED because of some knobhead on Twitter or Facebook pushing an ideal or fake news stirring up shit.