Just what the fuck is going on in Trans-world?

It seems every other person you speak to these days identifies as something other than the gender they were born.

Think back to when you were at school.  Can you remember ANY kid that identified as something else?

There were no boys claiming they were actually girls and wanting to wear girls clothes for school, not only that but wanting to use the girls toilets and changing rooms for PE and games.

There were no girls saying that deep down they were boys, there was the odd "Tom Boy" girls who always wore trousers instead of skirts and played football but generally they grew up to be feminine or lesbians.  They didn't claim to be men or indeed want to be one.

There must be something in the water now unless people are doing it just to be different.  How can it be so common?

What's worse is that these people are now being pandered to, to the point where it's getting so damned ridiculous that Trans Women want to remove actual Women from the planet.

Sports men who are not quite good enough to be champions of their sport are becoming "women" and suddenly dominating the female version of said sport.

If you speak out about it though, you're a bigot or a Nazi or whatever.  In fact, if you're a woman and speak out about it then you're a TERF - A Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist.

I mean, really?  If you're a woman and you don't want a man with a cock and balls who wears a frock using your changing room you're a RADICAL FEMINIST.  Feminism is a bit weird at times but I'd regard not wanting to get raped by a bloke in a frock as more-than-fucking-normal rather than some Greenham Common CND bull dyke.

But what do I know?

Then you have those who love to draw attention to themselves.  

yaniv 1

Believe it or not, this is a man.  I know, right, hard to tell.  His name is Jonathan Yaniv.  He now goes under the name Jessica and identifies as female.

So far, so good?  Nothing bad there right?  Live and let live?

OK.  So what if I told you "Jessica" has an obsession with young girls in changing rooms, tampons and tits?

You're pulling a funny face, I can tell.

You see, Jessica has posted many times on social media and other platforms asking questions such as whether women in changing rooms will just walk around with their tops off, whether he can expect to see lots of Vag and how he would approach young girls who might need tampons.

Jessica has brought human rights charges against various salons because the women who worked there would not, and I am not making this up, wax his cock and balls.

He actually thinks it's his right to force women to touch his genitals.  And the Canadian law has been pandering to him.

It gets worse though, he actually thinks he's a woman.  Biologically, despite having a (hairy) cock and balls.

yaniv 2

This is just one of many Tweets from the mad fucker.  He can't go in a swimming pool because he's started his period.

Quite what he's bleeding from is any ones guess however we certainly know what he's talking out of.

People are pandering to mad people like this!  The guy is a paedophile posing as a Trans Woman in order to get close to young girls yet it's being accepted.  People like this are actually making paedophilia acceptable.

If you don't believe me then look it up, there's actual terms for people who are sexually attracted to kids who don't engage in sex - in other words they wank to kiddie porn but won't try it on with kids.

And social media is giving them rights, what kind of sick shit is that?

We are regressing to dark times, is this as far as we've come?  We're now letting people do whatever they want in case stopping them hurts their feelings.

Fuck off, weirdos.

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