Back to the 70s

Remember 1762?  What a year, right?

Oh, you weren't alive?  Me neither, but you'll have to take my word for it though even though I have no evidence.

Bit similar to this bell end on Twitter then.

Back to the 70s

According to Ben, the 70's were brilliant.  Which is a bit weird considering he was born in 1986.  Not sure how he'd know.

So, let's go back to the 70's shall we?  Mind your step, woah, avoid him there, yes that IS Jimmy Savile, turns out he was a wrong-un.  I know, right?

OK, here we are.  The 70's.

Quite possibly the shittest decade of the 20th century.  The music was weirdy beardy oddness and the coal miners were constantly on strike.  And so was everyone else.

But at least the trains were publicly owned right?  Oh, that's right.  The service in the 70's was worse than it is now.  You see, we've never been able to properly run trains in this country.  

And public utilities were publicly owned too.  Which was great because it meant you could only use a monopoly that was badly run who were really expensive and took weeks to get anything done.

But at least the NHS was better eh?  Because it was properly funded and everything!  Oh, hang on.  Not sure about that.  Because I distinctly remember BOTH my parents who worked for the NHS for YEARS in the 70's and 80's complain about how badly it was run.  Better strike that off the list, eh Ben?

There may have been loads of council houses, but they were shithole estates that we're definitely better off without.  How can anyone with any respect really want to go back to those god awful crime ridden estates and think it was a good thing?  At least these days when the council pays for your house you're in private dwellings.

Bit of an odd thing for Ben to claim then that the 70's were so magnificent having been born over half a decade later and he can't claim he's read books extolling the virtues of the decade that brought us Gary Glitter and Slade because the books I've read on the 70's paint a miserable picture (When the lights went out is a classic example).  Having been born in 1974 I can certainly remember the strikes, power cuts, TV blackouts etc.  The 70's were not all beer and skittles.

When I engaged with a friend about this tweet about the points above she kindly told me:

"My kids would be able to afford to go to uni/get an apprenticeship, buy a home (I'll never own my own house), be able to see a GP, a dentist, services owned by us, not private companies"

Which is a bit strange because plenty people are going to uni and getting apprenticeships.  Yes Uni is expensive and it needs looking at which I've said before. 

House prices are ridiculous and that's not the fault of the Tories.  In fact, house prices more than doubled during Labour's last reign.  Getting Magic Grandpa into Government won't fix that.

Her kids can't see a GP?  Change to a different surgery.  There's a reason why it's difficult for some areas to see a GP, in fact there are several including people living longer, people who don't turn up to appointments and there being too many damn people in the country.  The infrastructure cannae take it, Captain.

Can't see a dentist?  There are WAY more dentists than in the 70's, 80's and 90's.  It's piss easy to see one.

There's a cult that seems to think that Jeremy Corbyn will suddenly fix everything that's wrong.  He won't.  Nobody can.

There we have it, Ben's Bullshit has been debunked by someone who was actually alive at the time.


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