Greta Thunberg is the new God

Greta Thunberg is like Islam.

You're not allowed to criticise either, because that makes you a bully, which is odd as my definition of a bully is someone who intimidates and threatens someone in person.

Writing about her isn't bullying, give over!  If it is then that makes Greta herself a bully because of what she's said about Trump.

Free speech and all.  

Apparently Greta knows it all though, she knows how we should be living and we must adapt our lives around a 16 year old girl from Sweden.

(fnar fnar)

We've been led to believe that Greta's parents were scientists yet this isn't the case, it's a terrible myth.  The truth is her dad is a local actor and her mum is an opera singer.

So, how does a 16 year old know the answers to everything yet scientists don't?  The truth is, she doesn't.  She's been put in front of the cameras by her parents, fed a life of lies and nonsense which she believes because her parents told her so.  She probably still believes in Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy too.

Before you get all "Oh, you're a climate change denier" (which I thought was a type of tights, if I'm honest) actually I'm not.  I spent the first 18 years of my career working for a hazardous waste management company.  Recycling and being green was something that was drummed into us, if you pardon the pun.  I've always believed in recycling, and I'm not denying the climate has changed either, of course it has.

But then the climate is ever changing.  The ice age wasn't caused by people with bad fridges or aerosols.

Let's be clear, one person simply can't know it all and she shouldn't be the face of it.  Would you really trust a 16 year old to educate you on matters?  It's like having a 16 year old teacher at school.

Yet her faux tearful speech about "stealing my childhood" and "how dare you come to us young people for hope" is just bollocks.  Nobody asked her for help.  She's a self appointed look-at-me know-it-all twat.

If anyone is to blame for her lack of childhood (if that even is the case) then that's down to her parents, what exactly has she missed out on?

Nobody has reached out to the "young people" for ideas, what do they know?  Seriously.  You don't learn this kind of stuff in school yet now all kids know everything about climate change?

Give over, these are the same kids who watch Youtube videos of people playing video games instead of playing the actual game.  Kids are thicker now than they've ever been because of overprotective parents and being pandered to as if they're some special being.

So where did Greta learn all this stuff?

I fully agree that things NEED to change, I'm all for it.  But what I'm not for is being told what I should eat and what mode of transport I can use.

Piss off, she's travelling around the world!  That yacht she was on wasn't wave powered, it had a diesel engine.

What annoys me with all these "right on" kids getting in on the act is that they're totally clueless to it all.  You want to save the planet, save energy and lower the carbon footprint?  You need to turn off those mobile phones and tablets you spend 18 hours a day staring that, that would be a good start.

She'd burn her bra if she needed one, at least she's saving the planet there, hasn't bothered to grow a pair of tits.  Less washing to do.

greta thunbergI can't read Swedish but I think she wants Man United's manager to move to a different club.
Don't we all pet, don't we all.

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