Extinction Rebellion are a bunch of bell ends

Extinction Rebellion

What's your take?

What are they actually doing?  Answer, being massive bell ends.

They're not protesting in the usual sense, they're not helping any cause, all they're doing is pissing people off by blocking roads and deciding who can go to hospitals!  They're a bunch of unemployed drama students who need a slap.

Do they even know why they're there?  Most of them are just sheep, following their mates thinking it will be cool to do some funny dancing to stick it to the man about climate change.

They have absolutely zero credibility.

And why is that?  Because they're not pushing the message, there's no real banners to tell us uneducated plebs what we are doing wrong.  There's no message at all.

Hell, half the banners I saw were to do with smashing capitalism and getting the Tories / Boris out.

That's not climate change.

The truth is that most of us already do as much as we can for the environment anyway.  I know I do.

I recycle my waste, I don't waste water, I don't waste gas or electricity.

I don't take the car if I don't need to.  Apart from parents and their super-special-must-not-let-legs-get-tired offspring people generally try to do good.

Everyone knows that wasting gas, electric and water costs not only the environment but their bills too.  People aren't stupid.


Let's take a look at this idiot:

climate change idiot

This absolute parcel was on the floor, crying and clutching a picture of his kids.

His kids who he fears for, he fears for their future, he doesn't know what to expect of this world for them.

Yet looking at the picture his kids are both under 2.  Despite knowing "for years" what was going to happen to the planet he was selfish enough to have not one but two kids.

So, probably a bit of faux concern for the cameras and his new drama student pals.

And after a long day out, doing strange dances that look like you're pretending to be John Cleese in Fawlty Towers whilst wanting to smash capitalism what better way to get some refreshment than to go to some independent vegan shop.

climate change mcdonalds

Or McDondalds.  That well known definitely not part of a capitalist world fast food joint.

As I said earlier, most people already do their bit, and those who don't do enough are more than likely willing to listen to reason.  I'm certainly willing to go further, why wouldn't I?  After all, this is my planet too.

But this piss-arsing about isn't a credible protest, it's not conveying any message to me.  Do it properly if you're doing to do it.  Get actual scientists in on it, not 15 year old kids who think they know best yet bunk off science every Friday to play Fifa with their fam.

And more importantly, someone tell the USA and China to up their game, because THEY are the ones fucking up the planet.  THEY are the ones who don't care about quotas and saving the planet.

Let's just nuke them, that'll sort it.

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