Re-ee-form #3 - Religion

It's time to reform something else so let's go with religion!

Where to start?  Well, I got the idea for this whilst out walking the dog.  I walked past a church and had to do a double take!  I actually went back as I couldn't believe my eyes.

I've taken a picture to show you:

god died

Wait, what? God died?  When did that happen?

This is the problem with religion, apart from being a load of horse shit, it's thoroughly inconsistent horse shit.

I was sceptical about religion from day 1, it never made sense to me as a kid.  I never believed in it.  And I was clearly right.

As a Christian, I was told that "Jesus died to save others" or "Jesus died for all our sins"

Which is just a load of shite really.  But now this claims that God (tm) himself actually died for our sins and not Jesus.

That's just some Schizophrenic shit right there!

Plus, God (tm) isn't and never has been a living being, so how can he die?  He's just a magic man that lives in the clouds!

There's also the inconsistency where people seem to refer to Jesus and God (tm) as being the same thing.

So, Jesus is the son of God (tm) BUT if they're the same person then Jesus is his own dad.  Was he from Burnley?

AND, this is HUGE!  If Jesus really did live and God (tm) was his dad but was never seen then basically Jesus was a nutjob who heard voices.

Plus, Jesus and God (tm) are often referred to as Lords, yet they're never anywhere near parliament.

If you're going to tell lies then at least make them consistent, this is some rank amateur stuff.

And then let's get down and dirty with Islam.  If Islam is meant to be all peaceful how come there's more radicals that refer to non Muslims as "Kafir"? (Non believer)

If they're so peaceful why are there more and more radicals trying to spread the radical word?  You don't get Christians or Mormons blowing people up or stabbing people on London Bridge.

The most radical thing a Jehovas Witness will do is knock on your door at 9AM on a Saturday.  Or stand outside Manchester Victoria from dawn till dusk.

 Religion is a dying thing, it's no longer used for controlling the population, hardly anyone goes to church now - we don't need a Bible to tell us how to live our lives, we should already know right from wrong.

And the problem with things like the Bible, Quran, Torah etc is that they're all open to interpretation.  They're written in riddles by some absolute prick.

If they were supposed to be straight forward guides on how to live they'd be bullet points and published by Haynes.

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