The caring Left

Have you noticed that those who purport to be the kind and gentle sort of people often end up being the biggest arseholes of all?

This seems to be a common theme with the Left.

I mean, take a look at anyone who criticises Meghan Markle.

Immediately they're telling you that they're racist.  Bit odd that, because if I criticise someone it's certainly not about the colour of their skin.  It's 2020 for crying out loud.

You are allowed to dislike people who aren't white, that's not racist.  So, if I dislike someone who IS white then what's that?

Number two, Diane Abbott.  Thick as mince.  Constantly embarrases herself on TV and radio.

Criticise her.

that's racist

Er. OK.

I think she's thick, not because she can't add up or that she doesn't know the policies she's there to talk about.  No, I dislike her because she's black.

Of course.

Now, the fact that the Left come to the conclusion that someone who criticises or dislikes a person who isn't white must be because of skin colour is itself racist!  If the first thing you think of when discussing a person is their skin colour then there's something wrong with you.  So, if I was black, would me disliking anyone who was white, chinese or asian immediately make me racist?

Ah, so it doesn't work that then?


But then we have an exception to the rule.  Priti Patel.

You're allowed to criticise her and she's fair game because she's a Tory.

All bets are off when it comes to Tories.

How strange the Lefty mind works.  So it's not about race then, it's about political parties?

Or is it about race first as long as they're not Tory?  Think I'm on to a winner.

So I found this a bit weird recently:


Caroline Voaden of the Lib Dems seems to think that only foreigners work at Pret a Manger!

Now, I've been in a handful of times and frankly I've found the staff to be a mixture of nationalities.  In fact, I can honestly say that from my experience I've seen more Brits working there than foreigners.

That's just my experience, different areas will no doubt differ.

Who will feed, bathe and care for our most vulnerable?  Well, carers.  And again, in my experience it's not 100% foreigners.

Where does Caroline get the notion that all these jobs are only carried out by low paid foreigners?  It's simply not true, and to suggest otherwise is a tad racist, non?

If you immediately think that a carer or a hospital auxillary will always be a foreigner then you're wrong and your mind is wired up incorrectly.

But these people seem to think they're the ones taking the moral high ground like they're better than everyone else and know better.  But these are their first thoughts when it comes to certain subjects.

They're not the caring people they think they are, they're the ones with a problem.