Why didn't you interfere?

A woman has taken legal action against the NHS because she believes she should have been challenged more by the NHS over her decision to change gender.

Bizarrely, a judge has allowed a hearing to go ahead!

Keira, who now has facial hair and looks like Bruno Mars says she believed she was too young to consent to puberty blockers and that medical staff should have challenged her decisions more.

However, I have an issue with this - it's very similar to something we covered recently about a lady who spent all her money and then got upset because she expected her bank to challenge her spending.

Imagine if the NHS did challenge her, I would be willing to bet a large sum that she'd have told them to stop interfering and that her decision was made.

It's the classic case of not taking any responsibility for your life, let everyone else take the blame.


NHS challenges, "Stop asking me questions!  Of course I know what I'm doing, stop interfering, I know what I want!"

NHS doesn't challenge, "Oh I've made a boo-boo.  Why didn't you stop me?"


To be honest, I don't see why the NHS is even paying for all this gender nonsense.  People are changing their gender as if they're changing clothes or a house.  It's no longer about people feeling like they were born in the wrong body, there's more and more people just wanting change because it's the new thing.  It's about labels.  And it's ridiculous.

Thirty years ago sex changes were extreme and very rare.  These days we all seem to know someone who is transitioning or wants to transition.  The NHS should not be paying for it and nor should they be entertaining kids or teenagers to the idea.

If you want to change your gender, you pay for it private I'm afraid.  The NHS doesn't pay for boob jobs and the like, why should it pay for your whims like this?  The NHS simply can't afford it and when it loses this case above (which it will) then it'll be even worse off, while Bruno Mars up there sits on a load of money simply because they can't take responsibility for their own damn life.