Coronavirus - The hoax

There seems to be a rather shocking number of people who think that the Coronavirus is actually a hoax.

Yes, with all incidents there are always conspiracy nutjobs who claim it didn't really happen or similar, but the whole COVID-19 situation has attracted an awful lot of conspiracy theorists to the table.

So what kind of camps do these people fall into?

The Deniers

"Coronavirus is nothing more than seasonal flu and the deaths are no more than season flu deaths, which don't usually get reported"

There is an element of truth to the fact that seasonal flu deaths don't usually get reported in the same hysterical way, however, the spread of the virus is certainly not like seasonal flu.  Literally anyone can get it - some can be asymptomatic, some moderate and some severe.

"I don't know anyone who has it so it doesn't exist"

OK.  I don't know anyone personally that's got or died of AIDS but I know it exists.  What a stupid stance to take.

That's like saying, "I don't know anyone who has a Tesla car so they're not real".  This level of denial is so stupid.

For the record I know someone who has it, she's on day 16 of symptoms now and whilst she's not in the hospital she's incredibly poorly.  Sixteen days on, she's a phsyically fit mid-30's lady and shes still suffering.

I also have evidence of ambulances, doctors and paramedics being called to cases not only in my area but within a 30 mile radius too.  But OK, it doesn't exist.

"My mate's girlfriend's sister is a nurse and she says the hospital she works in is empty"

Really?  Out of all the people who have claimed the hospitals are empty NONE of them have been first hand experience.  All hearsay, which suggests to me that the the mate's girlfriend doesn't exist because the mate doesn't exist due to the fact you're living in your mum's box room.

So, I can tell you the hospitals over here in the UK may be quieter in some departments, simply because non-essential appointments and surgery has been postponed.  So, yes, whilst the "He to She" department at your local hospital might be empty I can assure you A&E and other areas are not.

I have personally spoken with 3 people I know who work as nurses and they all told me their departments are all much busier.

I can also evidence several doctors (hospital based) in both the US and UK (including NI) who have first hand experience of this virus.  But you know, it's all made up yeah?

As with all these things there are always more cases in some areas than others.  Your hospital might be quieter if there are not as many cases, is that not common sense?

The Lockdowners

There are those who say we are in lockdown for various reasons, you'll be surprised to learn none of them make sense.  Not.

"The world is in lockdown so that a New World Order World Government can take over"

Ah, New World Order.  I've been hearing about NWO since the mid 90s and I'm still waiting for any sign of it to happen.  In fact, a World Government?

Yes, because China, Russia, the USA, Iran et al are all going to work together fabulously aren't they?

"They want to keep us in doors so that we are poor"

Of course "they" do, whoever "they" are.  I mean, take the UK for example.  A Conservative led capitalist state.  What more would a Tory Capitalist country want than to not make ANY money at all?  Engage brain next time, dickhead.

"This is an exercise for the Main Event"

What?  The Wrestling Game from the 80s?  Oh, you mean something else is going to happen and shutting down the entire country and fucking the economy for potentially decades was just a test for when an "Event" that you can't tell us about will happen? OK.

"We are locked in because a comet is going to hit the world"

Really?  Sure it is.


The 5Gers

Apparently people believe the virus didn't originate from Chinese wet markets which has also been the cause of other viruses over the years.

No, 5G masts are the cause!  Because giving people faster broadband etc is the reason why people are getting sick.

Apparently a load of birds fell out of the sky somewhere nobody knows and that's proof.  Although, it's not true is it?

Last night in the West Midlands someone actually set fire to a 5G mast.  It's just ridiculous and totally irresponsible.

"5G will be used to control us"

Will it now?  How's some radio waves going to do that then?

"Whilst we're locked down people are erecting new masts all over"

Really?  Funny that because we're not fully locked down are we?  And I've not seen any evidence of any work going on anywhere.  I mean, you sir with your bold claims cannot provide any proof at all but you expect me to believe you because "Muh reasons".


Apprently 5G is going to control us, how this will happen I don't know.  Surely I'd need some kind of implant?  And there's still no actual reason for any of that anyway.  What's the purpose?

Oh, it just is, is it? Righto.


Funny there are many cases of COVID in places where there's no 5G.  In fact, there's hundreds of cases where there's not even 4G.  

Now we've got "celebs" getting in on it, which is just irresponsible.  What does Amanda Holden know about technology and viruses?  


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