Police State, your emergency

During the lockdown period the Police have been granted extra powers to move people on, make sure people are social distancing and not taking day trips to the seaside.

Typical Police response it to act all hard, taking the piss and really abusing their powers.

Cambridgeshire Police had to retract a tweet where they said they were patrolling supermarket aisles to make sure people were not buying what they deemed to be "non-essential items", such as Easter Eggs.

Who are the Police to decide if an item is essential or not?

Non-essential shops are closed so technically you can buy whatever a supermarket or any open shop has for sale.  I went in Poundstretcher the other day and they have 2 gardening aisles.  I went to see if there were any gardening gloves whilst I was there.  Non-essential?  I'd say so, but if I'm not allowed to go anywhere of a weekend then why can't I take advantage of the nice weather and get some gardening in?

Who next?

Step forward South Yorkshire Police, a Police force with a terrible reputation.

One Police Constable approached a man on his own doorstep to tell him he couldn't play football with his kids in his own front garden!  The experience was filmed on a phone by the man on his own doorstep, the Police woman telling him that "The virus doesn't stop at your front gate", presumably Coronavirus gets into our houses via open windows does it?

SYP had to then apologise, calling their officer "exuberant" which seems to a word doing the rounds across all the Police forces at the moment.

But wait, because while we might not have been able to shop for Easter Eggs, Blackburn with Darwen Police were VERY HAPPY to receive a shedload of Easter Eggs, given to them for their "great service".

What service, lads?

Speaking of Blackburn with Darwen Police, they went round to a young lads house on his birthday and let him and his brother sit in their Police van.

one rule for coppers

No social distancing, no gloves or masks and oh look, a fucking easter egg.

Absolute hypocrites the lot of them, no wonder the Police are becoming more and more hated.

It literally is one rule for them and another for the rest us, those who pay their wages in the first place.

It's funny how all the lefties constantly complain about the Tories cutting Police, yet there always seems to be enough coppers around to do shit like this or go round to tell people off for calling someone a nasty name on Twitter.

The Police are useless, at a time when they should be out there winning hearts and minds they are rubbing people up the wrong way with their heavy handed approach.  And just like taxes, the Police won't be so keen on relinquishing these new found powers when all this Corona shit is over.

Power mad, they are.

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