Piers Morgan is not acting in your interests

One, nay, two things that have come out of this pandemic is that celebrities are irrelevant to life; they're not superior to everyone else and are desperate to stay in the limelight in their big houses, crywanking while people who have no gardens have to stay in risking their mental health as well as physical.

The 2nd is that the media have shown themselves to be utterly shameful throughout.

However, one person in particular deserves a special mention.

Piers Morgan.

Piers started off the pandemic trying to "get answers" from Government ministers. All very admirable you might think, however ask yourself this question:

Who does Piers Morgan REALLY care about?

Do you think he cares about the best interests of the UK? No, Piers Morgan cares about one thing, himself.

Whilst you thought he was asking the right questions to "bring the Government to task", you were thinking, "Wow, this guy is really sticking it to the man".

No, he's not. He's trying to remain relevant.

Let's not forget, this is the man who FABRICATED the Iraqi POW photographs for the Mirror newspaper. Photographs which were actually taken in a truck in Preston.

This is the man who "HACKED" the voicemail of celebrities (granted, the celebs should have changed their PIN's but it's still immoral), this is the man who used the same hack technique on the voicemail of murdered teenage Milly Dowler.

He is an immoral shit, who has jumped on the bandwagon to try and make himself look like a hero. He is nothing of the sort.

The man is a bully, he doesn't respect the guests on his show, constantly talking over them and asking questions which he demands a Yes/No answer for, questions which genuinely don't have a Yes/No answer.

As his ratings started to drop, he FABRICATED having a COVID symptom (notice he didn't say which symptom) and temporarily left the show to go isolate.

He then claimed he'd had a COVID test and was awaiting the result. This was a PR stunt to try and get sympathy for those who had deserted him.

Let's not forget the claims from Piers that the Government posting out tests didn't count as a test being carried out as there was no result, yet his claim that he had HAD a test but was awaiting the resut was classed as having a test. Hmm. I smell double standards!

And, lo! His test came back negative.

Although he did test positive for being a massive cunt.

Piers is making a huge song and dance about ministers now swerving GMB. Can you blame them? Why go on a show where you will be derided, shown no respect, be talked over, and not allowed to answer questions properly?

Is GMB even a credible show? It probably had more going for it when Roland Rat was part of it to be honest - Better a rat than a twat.

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