Dominic Cummings

Dominic Cummings, bit of a weird one this.

At first it looked like he had simply broken the lockdown to head off to another home.

Open and shut case yes?

I thought so too, until I started to delve a little deeper.

One of my Facebook friends (and MoT reader) posted a petition for him to be sacked. Online petitions rarely work, but what they can do is raise the displeasure at a particular person, organisation or situation. Of course, it is my friends right to do this.

However, I engaged with the post with a video of a load of papperazzi who mobbed Cummings at his home. None of the paps were social distancing, non had masks or gloves on. It's a huge double standard by the media.


Whilst my friend chose not to engage with me, someone who I don't know chose to. There was a suggestion I was defending Cummings, despite my claim that the point of my post was to highlight the double standards.

But the more I've looked into this the more I see the media out to hate upon yet another Government official.

Cummings is said to have driven from his home up to to his parents in County Durham after his wife showed symptoms of COVID.

He was afraid that if he was also struck down with it then they would have difficulty looking after their 4 year old child.

Do you believe it?

If it is true, do you think he has done anything wrong? It may be an unpopular opinion but I think he was right to do so.

There have been questions, from the vile MSM and the always right Twitter and Facebook experts.

Whilst I generally dislike the man, it is easy to find to pile on and discredit everything he does or says. I like to think I remain realistic, objectively looking at each scenario. You can dislike someone and not have to slate everything they do. Have you never worked with someone you don't like but have to get on with them for the sake of work? Ths is that.

The media have acted appallingly towards him, and when days later actual facts have come out, the media haven't apologised. They've reported that "x has come to light" but at no point have they apologised for lying.

So, let's work through some of the genuine questions or statements from Social Media Experts:

Q: Surely he had friends or family closer by that could have looked after the child?
A: Would you hand your child over to just ANY friend or family? What kind of a parent would do that?

Sure, your friend Brian lives just round the corner, but he's not known as "Paedo Brian" behind his back for nothing. But OK, you'll leave your kid with someone he doesn't know.

Q: They could have got food deliveries
A: Could they? I haven't been able to get a food delivery since BEFORE lockdown. I'm bloody starving

Q: Why couldn't they just stay put?
A: Because if BOTH were very sick who would look after the child?

It's also since come to light the child is autistic.

Q: Ah well, I have an autistic son and I've managed just fine
A: But you and your partner haven't been struck down with the virus, you're not involved in running the country and your house isn't being swarmed by the media all the time

Q: If his son is autistic he'd have been better off at home
A: Says someone who has never had an autistic child with a home being surrounded by vile media and receiving death threats

Q: Why did they have to go to his mums?
A: Because they had a building they could isolate in and his mum has special needs experience

Q: He didn't go just once, he went twice
Q: He didn't go just twice, he went four times!
A: Fuck me, Pascal's Triangle's here

Q: He didn't even have the virus
A: Oh you're his doctor or his tester are you? And if you are you've just broken data protection and patient confidentiality

The media are even worse!

Q: Does anyone know ANY car that can do 500 miles off 1 tank of fuel?
A: Practically all the bigger cars do. Pathetic question!

You see, it's easy to debunk the shite. It doesn't mean I like the guy or even support him, but what boils my piss is the barage of shit questions from people desperately clutching at straws to get a man in the shit.

The media claimed he was always safe at home, but they've been camped outside his house BEFORE this happened. They still claim he's safe, even though he now needs a police escort to leave his house.

Remember when Caroline Flack committed suicide after being put under strain from the media after trying to kill her boyfriend with a glass lamp? The #BeKind hashtag was born. There was outrage at the media and their bullying tactics.

The media promised to behave and not that do that again. Lasted long didn't it?

In summing up, IF everything I've stated is true and IF he and his family were better off isolating elsewhere then I believe he didn't break any rules.

IF it's all shit and he's lied, then SHOULD he be sacked?

He's not a minister, he's an employee so he'd have to have broken "company" rulesto be sacked.  If you broke lockdown would you expect to be sacked from your job?  What's it got to do with your company?

He could be done for bringing the "company" into disrepute for example, chances are he would be put under pressure to resign but technically he can't be sacked.

The fact is we'll never truly know because the media don't report positive news, they spin everything to be negative. And most people don't want to believe anyway. If you've made your mind up you've made it up.

Don't worry, they'll be making some other poor bastards life a misery soon, it could be yours, if you're unlucky.


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