Black Lives Matter - When it suits

Following the death of George Floyd in the US there have been mass riots and looting.

Naturally, BLM or "Black Lives Matter" come to the forefront again.

We saw this in 2016 too.  Now, why is it REALLY happening?

Is it because a man was killed by a cop?  No, is it fuck.

Now, George Floyd was no hero.  He's a rap sheet as long as your arm.  Did he deserve to die by the hands (or knee) of Derek Chauvin?  No, of course he fucking didn't, American cops are arseholes.

Nobody of any colour or creed should be dying at the hands of an arresting officer, but let's get this straight, the rioting, looting and subsequent attacks are not for BLM at all.

See, there's a difference between Black Lives Matter and the sentiment of black lives matter.

BLM is an organisation funded by a white democrat, George Soros.

Notice the timely rise of these riots and agitation.  2016, 2020.  Hmmmm.. Oh, yes, a US election, involving Donald Trump.



Now, if BLM really thought that Blacks Lives Mattered, they wouldn't be attacking other blacks.  They wouldn't be looting black owned stores, literally taking away black people's livelihoods.

Black people attack and kill other blacks every damn day.  Gangs like the Bloods and the Crips promote this, we've all seen the 90s gangster films like "Boyz N the Hood" and "New Jack City".

We're all familiar with Gangsta Rap by the likes of NWA, Ice Cube and Wutang Clan.

This music glorifies killing.

I still listen to it, and it's never made me want to pop a cap in some punk's ass, but you know, I'm sensible and that.

Where is it leading?  White people have been doorstepped coming out of hospitals and FORCED to take the knee, yes, you will bow before me because if you don't then you're a big fat racist!

This is sheer bullying and intimidation of white people by black people, imagine if that was the other way round.  Granted 200 years ago it was, times have changed for god's sake.

BLM has been hihacked by left wing WHITE people, desperate to apologise for their "white guilt" or "white privilege".  White people are responsible for the mass escalation, not because they believe in the cause of BLM, but because it gives them another reason to tear shit up.

As soon as Antifa got involved you know immediately that it's not about race and all about agitation.  Antifa aren't anti fascist, they're the biggest bunch of fascists out there.  They're evil, violent people with no morals.

And now it's spread to the UK, where the police have submitted by taking the knee in front of protesters then taking a missile minutes later.  Suckers.

All this trouble in the UK has nothing to do with what's happened in America.  Since when has the UK been bothered about a man dying unjustly at the hands of a copper?  Never.

These are people desperate to cause as much shit as possible, bored after weeks of lockdown.

If BLM was simply about halting police brutality against blacks then that should be their message, but why are they attacking their own?


I simply can't get behind BLM, I do howeverfully  support the sentiment that "black lives matter".