Have we gone mask mad?

Did you see the video that did the rounds on Twitter and no doubt other social media where a guy was arrested on a train for not wearing a mask?

He claimed he was exempt and that should have been the end of it, surely?

The longer the video went on the more aggressive the police officer got, which is just another sign of the police being heavy handed through this pandemic.

Far be it from me to actually defend a scouser, but I don't think he did anything wrong.

Here's why:


  1. He's sat on his own on the train, he's got nobody next to him
  2. He says he's exempt
  3. There's no legal requirement to prove otherwise, even if he wasn't actually exempt his word should have been enough
  4. Nobody else was kicking up a fuss about it

Why are we going mask mad?  

Before you say, "Oh he's gone Anti-Mask", read on.

I wear a mask when I go in shops or on the train.  But if there's 1 person on the train or in the shop NOT wearing one I don't view them with suspicion.  I don't look at them like they're deliberately trying to kill me.

It's 1 person.  It really doesn't matter.

We're assuming EVERYBODY definitely has the virus and will definitely pass it on to us if they're not wearing a mask.  Come on people, this isn't the case is it?

We know how the virus spreads, we know to how stop it and we are stopping it.

But if someone isn't wearing a mask there may be a valid reason for it, people shouldn't have to carry papers with them to prove it and they shouldn't be marked as such either.

Christ, are we really going back in time like this?