GB News - Cancel before it's begun


Stop Funding Hate, the virtue signalling self righteous troll farm have overstepped the mark here.  Firstly they say that "New British TV channels take up arms in a war against woke".

Now, when they say CHANNELS, that means plural.  However, what they're referring to is the new news channel, GB News.

And for extra clicks and to trigger the weirdo lefties they've used a picture of Laurence Fox, who isn't even involved in GB News.

Bit wrong that really and smacks of desperation.  You see "Stop Funding Hate" aren't really out to make a better world, they're just a bunch of trouble causing lefties who want to ban everything they don't agree with.

Which leads me neatly on to GB News,

I challenged the person who shared the above on Facebook, and was met with something along the lines of "But it says it's going to be Anti-Woke".

When I uggested that was a good thing, that wokeness has gone too far, my friend retorted with a definition of Woke, a definition that's about 10 years out of date and talks solely about racism.

Now, anyone knows that being "Woke" isn't solely about ending racism.  Wokeness is allowing a guy to put on a dress and identify as a woman despite having a beard and a cock & balls.

Wokeness is allowing said man to use women's changing rooms and toilets, even go to women's prisons.

Wokeness is pandering to a minority of people who want to create another gender.  

Wokeness has simply gone too far.

And if GB News is going to be Anti-Woke then I think that's a good thing.

Now, let's think about the channel.  Oh yes, that's all we can do at the moment you see, because it's not actually launched yet.  We can think about it, and maybe speculate what it will be like.

But that's not good enough for the lefties, they want it cancelled before it's even begun.

Why?  Because they're scared it won't pander to their agendas.  It won't fit their narrative, ergo it must be HATE SPEECH!!!!

So let's take a step back, let's think about what being Anti-Woke will mean.  Well, I don't believe it will go out of its way to actually BE Anti-Woke, I think that refers to the content it will aim to deliver.

Unlike the BBC whose news site seems to be full of woke nonsense instead of actual news.  You're hardly going to see Andrew Neil stirring up an attack on trans women.

Andrew Neil is probably the best news presenter / interviewer on British TV.  I imagine he'll continue to grill those on the left, right and centre.

Meanwhile, the lefties are frightened that it will turn into another Fox News.  But that can't happen, simply because the UK has broadcasting regulations unlike the US.

Those lefties probably don't even watch Fox News anyway so they don't know the actual content.  It's easy to parrot what you've heard in your own echo chamber.

The fact is that GB News needs to launch and be watched before people can criticise or condemn it.  You wouldn't campaign for a soon-to-be-launched movie channel just because you don't like movies would you?

The country is firmly in a grip of the pernicious Cancel Culture, and to be quite frank, Cancel Culture needs a swift kick in the bollocks.

Meanwhile, the Grauniad must have been feeling a bit unwell on the 9th February when it suggested something very similar!  How very bizarre!

If when GB News isn't for you, simply don't watch it, in the same way that you wouldn't watch that new movie channel.  We have to stop this war on wanting things shutdown simply because we don't agree with something.