All aboard the compensation gravy train

First there was Vibration White Finger, then it was PPI.

Now that is coming to an end there is a new scourge of legal companies trying to get YOU compensation for something else….

Yes, it’s Bank accounts.

Have you had a bank account in the last 100 years?  Have you overpaid for something but not known about it?  If yes then you could be entitled to compensation

No – it should be “If yes then you’re either gullible, a bulb or get this… ACTUALLY WANTED THE THINGS THEY WERE OFFERING IN THE FIRST PLACE”.

There’s new adverts on the radio suggesting that people who paid for bank accounts which included things like Travel insurance, Breakdown Cover and Biscuit Protection could be entitled to compensation because they may have overpaid for their cover or not needed the cover at all.

I’m sorry, but that is complete and utter horseshit.

While I’m in favour of justice, I object massively to people claiming compensation for the sake of it.

Remember, this is a bank account which came with benefits, for a fee. Nobody signs up for a bank account with charges unless they genuinely wanted the benefits which were offered or felt the benefits were good. 

Regardless of the fact they may have not used the travel insurance, not owned a car which would have meant the breakdown cover was not required and never had a problem with biscuits, these people still signed up to a bank account that charged a monthly amount.  You can’t pull the wool over anyone’s eyes with that.

And even if the account holder wasn’t aware they were being charged because they were a simpleton, they’d know when they check their monthly bank statement and see the charge there in print.

Ah, well, what if they don’t check their monthly bank statement?  Well that’s fine.  That’s their fucking fault isn’t it, not the bank.

We’ve all been there, spotted something on a bank statement and thought, “Hang on, what’s this?”, haven’t we?

I know I have.  I once paid about 3 months of contents insurance on a house I was no longer renting.  As soon as I spotted that it was cancelled.  That was MY fault, nobody else’s.

But where will the compensation culture end?

As I said before, justice is something that we should all have but by these companies forever searching for the next big thing it devalues justice completely.

The Americans started this, suing anybody over anything because they’re stupid.  You only have to see the warnings on food and drinks packets.

Nuts: May contain nuts - I should bloody well think so.

Coffee: Contents may be hot.  – Well, yes, most people drink coffee hot. Who’s the cretin who doesn’t know coffee comes served hot?

So what does come next, at what point do we start being offered “Insurance Insurance

Did you take out car insurance last year?  Not make a claim?  Then YOU could be owed money.  Let Scumbag and Shitehawks represent you, you will be entitled to 87.65% of your compensation!

Where do you think the money for all these claims come from?  Ultimately you’re paying for it yourself.

Money isn’t infinite and has to come from somewhere so when you take it from one source (PPI claim) then you’re paying for it somewhere else (car insurance premium goes up).

It’s time the Government clamped down on the ambulance chasing and the fraudulent claims, especially these call centres who ring up and start with “It’s regarding the accident you had….

More on that next time.