We need to talk about COVID

Before I start and for those who don't know better, I'm NOT a Conspiracy Theorist - far from it.

I don't, nor have I ever believed COVID-19 to be a hoax, it's pretty clear there's something out there that SOME people are getting ill from.

But we need to talk about it because it's not all it seems.

We've been told for over 12 months now to "Stay Home, Save the NHS, Save Lives".

Your kids have put those homemade rainbow pictures in your windows, some of you still have them there now.

It's quite a hard hitting message isn't it?  STAY HOME, SAVE LIVES.  Like if you go out, say to the shops you're at risk of killing someone.  Yeah, YOU, you could kill someone. You're a bloody murderer.

Even if you haven't got the virus.

SAVE THE NHS.  Eh?  The NHS has never at any point been in danger of collapsing.  We hear the same stories every winter, "This one's gonna be a doozy" in the same way the Express tell us this winter is going to be the coldest on record and we're LITERALLY going back to the ice age.. only for it to be milder than a pint of Theakstons.

But we complied, right?

covid covert tactics

However, this comes as no surprise at all.  This is SAGE, the people who are supposed to be telling us how to "STAY SAFE", how we can protect others and ourselves from this deadly virus.

So they lied to us.  They deliberately frightened us into complying, rather than telling us the truth.

I don't mind admitting that in the early days of COVID I was scared.  Being overweight and having an underlying medical condition (as well as being prone to chest infections in the past) I was genuinely afraid.  We were told "If you get this, you're dead".

OK, that's not a direct quote, but that's the level of fear that was put into us.  They wheel out Chris Witty, a rather odd looking chap to tell us what's happening.  We're supposed to trust him right?  He's not a smarmy looking fucker that that Dr Neil Ferguson guy.

Go, Chris!

But they've lied to us.  They've deliberately overplayed the number of cases and deaths.

Just this week the ONS has admitted that their figures were inflated by 25%!

Again, they've deliberately lied to make it look worse than it is.  Twenty five percent is a very round figure too, and given we now know we can't trust them let's assume they're out by what, 30%? It could be 50% for all we know.

But here's the thing.  We've become absolutely obsessed with the number of cases.  Not people who are ill or dying, actual cases.

Tested positive but asymptomatic?  That's a case.  But you're not ill, you haven't died.

I work with a guy who was told to get a test after he'd been in a pub last year.  The test came back positive.  He was told to self isolate for 10 days and his girlfriend who tested negative for 14.

That's a case.

He had no symptoms and 2 days later got another test.  Negative.  Fancy that.

We know that at least 30% of the tests provide a false positive, which is what happened to my friend.  Had he tested positive again that would have been classed as another case, but how can it be when it's 1 person.  You can't have COVID twice at the same time!  Factor in that the PCR test means you have had it or got it now, the Lateral Flow test means you actively have it now.  You could have had it weeks ago and the PCR would pick it up.  You can't be infectious after all that time, so it's bunkum.

We could have all have had it at some stage, and the majority of us being asymptomatic.

Remember those 3 lads who were held in an isolation hotel in Italy last year?  They were put in there because 2 of the lads had mild symptoms and tested positive.

They were told they could go home when they had 2 negative readings.

How strange though that after having several tests a week for 9 weeks they were constantly testing positive.  As a result they were not allowed to leave their hotel rooms, having to wash their clothes in the sink.

Do you not think there's something a little odd there?  3 guys taking multiple tests per week testing positive constantly?  They can't be infected or infectious for that period of time.

They're not related, so not the same genes.  Clearly the tests were dodgy or the PCR is picking up a previous infection.  How can that be trusted?

How many cases would that have been classed as?  Say they had 3 tests a week, there's 3 of them and it's for 8 weeks.  That's 72 cases, yet there were only 3 of them.  It should have been classed as 3.

Let's jump back to the fear, the conditioning that we've experienced.

How many times have you seen someone on Facebook or Twitter complain they saw someone out without a mask or not social distancing?  How many times have you seen people's replies such as "Just wait 'till they're on a ventilator"?

I've seen it dozens of times, and it makes me shake with rage.  We've been conditioned to fear the worst.

Let's get it right, the number of people in ICU and / or on actual ventilators was next to nothing in the grand scheme of things.  The chances of that happening was so low, but that's the first thing you think of when someone is not fully complying or they're living their life as normal as they can.

The media has been massively to blame for this, they were complicit in spreading fear.  For months there was no news other than COVID cases and DEATHS.

We love the deaths.


Watch this video where a CNN technical director admits they hyped COVID to drive ratings.  That constant tally of cases and deaths staring back at you?  Yeah, fear it bitch.

I'm not going to use hackneyed and cliched words and sayings like "Sheeple", "Let that sink in" or "Wake up", I'll save that for the idiots on Facebook who still think the virus is caused by high speed mobile data.

But I do want you to just take a step back and think about just how many people you know who have had it, genuinely.

Everyone's experience will be different to mine, I accept that, but just have a think.

For me, I've known 6 - out of everybody I work with, know in various places across the country and beyond.

  1. Lady at work last March, claimed to have got it when one of the directors at work went skiing in Italy and didn't self isolate.  Strange that the director went at Christmas time and we weren't told to self isolate after coming back from Italy in December or January as the first case didn't hit the UK until February at the earliest.  She never did get a test either.  And nobody else at work in an office of at least 60 got ill.  It could have been a nasty case of flu but given she's still apparently suffering with what is probably Long COVID (which sounds like a North Yorkshire village) I'll give her the benefit of the doubt
  2. Two nurses from Lancaster Royal Infirmary.  Both had flu symptoms, both tested positive, both had 2 weeks off work and fully recovered
  3. A chap I worked with (and wrote about previously) tested positive after feeling slightly rough for a couple of days.  His symptoms were very mild and was fine within a week, back in the Gay Village a week after
  4. There's the guy from work who tested positive but then negative 2 days later, I'm not including that as a case as it's bullshit
  5. Another ex colleague who had it after Christmas, wiped him out for about 2 weeks.  Fine now

So that's it.  Really there's 5 cases, 4 of which has a positive test result following symptoms. No hospitalisations, no ICU, no ventilators, no deaths.

But we've been told there's thousands of people testing positive daily!  Where are all the actual sick people?

I'm not downplaying those who were genuinely sick, far from it, but when we now know the ONS is full of shit, there are dodgy tests giving false positives AND people are now doing their own tests at home twice a week using these dodgy kits the figures will be raised.

COVID has ruined lives for many, not from the illness but lost jobs, destroyed industries, the economy fucked and people's mental health.  It has to be addressed.

I regard myself as very strong mentally but even I have felt down at times.  There never seemed to be an end to it.

Everytime there was light at the end of the tunnel there was always something else concocted by the media to beat us all back down.

I've gone from fear to frustration to downright disbelief, not necessarily in that order and not necessarily just the once.

Going to open things up?


Kent?  Nothing new originates in Kent for fucks sake.

"The South African one is pretty nasty, Sir"

So nasty that even South Africa has reopened everything.  Sounds legit.


Fuck off.

It's constant fear, we've been more than drip fed for over 12 months, it's a fear infusion.  (Might trademark that)  

The other day pubs reopened and I saw a rather heart warming video of some people sat outside bars and restaurants in Soho.  Not doing anything wrong, no songs or shouting or drunken behaviour, just people enjoying a pint and a meal.

And then the bedwetters started:

covid bedwetter stay home

We've been told throughout that it's fine outside.  You're unlikely to catch the virus when out.

Was there a surge in cases and deaths within 2 weeks of D-Day rememberance last year?  No.

What about when people sat on crowded beaches?  Nope.

What about when BLM and the rent-a-mob wankers were tearing down statues and rioting?  Oh, no.  Fuck all.

Gisele has been conditioned into thinking we must achieve a Zero COVID state.  She's going to be disappointed to learn that we will never be able to achieve Zero COVID, in the same way we can't achieve Zero Flu, Zero Colds and even Zero Tubercolosis.

We're going to have to live with COVID forever, if that means a yearly jab like the flu one so be it.  But a year on we must have achieved herd immunity by now.

It's time we started to live our lives again, stop being fearful.  Stop wetting your dress everytime you see someone without a mask, they're really not going to kill you.

Stop staying at home cowering in fear, stop thinking every single person you meet has the virus, let's start getting to a new, maybe better organised way of life.

Keep washing your hands and be clean, we can beat this but we have to start ignoring wankers like Boris Johnson, that fraud Matt Wankcock, Chris "Shitty" Witty and the goddamed "desperate for likes" media.

Fuck the lot of them, get out and live your life as best you can.


Thanks for reading.  I'm open to debate on this, you can say I'm wrong.  Nothing wrong with opinon, we all have them.  Feel free to get in touch.  Feel free to write something for the Toast.

I hate the saying "Stay Safe" as people still say it a year on (as well as "Can you see my screen?") so I'll wish you all the best out there.

Peace out.

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