Vegans are meat Nazi's

How do you know when someone's a Vegan?  They'll tell you, every. damn. day.

Just after Christmas a TV commercial aired, I don't recall for which brand but it went along the lines of:

"My 4 year old daughter came to me the other day and said, 'Daddy, I don't want to eat meat anymore'".

I mean, sure.  Likely.

I suppose she also said something really profound like those idiots on Twitter claim their kids to have said.

You know the sort.

Two year old girl tells her mummy that she doesn't see gender as a thing and people can be who they want to be, oh and she's trans too.  Everyone in the room applauded.

That kind of shit.

Which feels a bit emotional blackmaily, if you ask me.  Which you did.

Now Quorn are running an advert that features an old man, very set in his ways, "I love meat and two veg", he declares proudly - presumably that's his dietary and not sexual preference but you never know, "but now... I love Quorn and two veg".

Rammed up his arse, aye.

We've had a drip feeding of people telling us to become vegans.  Ditch the meat, it's no good for you.

Which, frankly is bollocks.

We've been eating meat for centuries, it does us no harm, so why should we just stop eating it?

There's nothing wrong with a varied diet, every meal doesn't have to contain a full cow or lamb, but these people want us to give it up entirely.

Isn't it OUR choice?  Who died and made you Food Czar?

I understand some people don't eat meat for various reasons, ranging from taste or texture preference to moral or ethical purposes (whether true or not).  I have no gripe with that, you can eat what you want.

But it seems, I can't?

You see, whilst I respect your approach to food with little to no care, you want to convert me.  

If I want a burger I'm killing the world.  That meat has travelled across the world on fossil fuelled transport.  Which is odd as the cow was slaughtered in the same county as I.

Ah but the cow farted loads of times and that made something die up in the clouds.


I'll have chicken then.

"BLASPHEMER! You can't have chicken!  Every time you have chicken a baby dies in Africa!"




No, this is from Wales.

Pork? Bacon?

"Ah but you can get a plant based food now that tastes like bacon"

I don't want it to taste like bacon, I want it to BE bacon.

That's like asking for a bacon sandwich and getting a bread roll with half a packet of Frazzles in.

(Which frankly is still the better option than plant based bacon)

These activists are making farmers lives a misery.  As if they didn't have it hard enough as it is.  They're not all rich folk with multiple Range Rovers, many are now having to diversify into other areas to keep making ends meet.  The price they're getting for their meat is dropping constantly due to supermarket competition.

Top tip - always get your meat from your local butcher, it's better than the shitty supermarket stuff.

This is my butcher, he's a lovely bloke:

hilary briss

Anyway, I digress.

Sky News ran a piece this week that looked like this:


Climate impact of a burger.  Piss off.

And look just below, here's 12 year old Sean to steam in with his knowledge.

Outright denial.  I'm sorry, but I'm not taking advice from a jumped up, snotty nosed shit.

I'm pretty sure that all this kind of stuff isn't taught in school.  I've a 14 year old in school now and it's not on the agenda.

This is just like that goblin Greta Thunberg, preaching to the world about climate change - where's she learned all that?  It certainly wasn't school because she was never there.

So, whilst you might want to eat plants and drink almond milk there will be plenty others who don't.  Don't be a fucking Meat Nazi, we've enough shit to deal with as it is.

And just have a wee think there, why is it a company is telling you to ditch meat and eat their product?  BECAUSE THEY DON'T HAVE A MEAT PRODUCT.

So, let's live and let live eh?

I'll continue to eat meat as it suits, and you'll fuck off.



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