If there's 2 words that have been massively overused in the last 15 months, one has to be "Unprecedented", what's the other?


No, it's "Selfish".

You see, social media has enabled people to become so pompous, holier-than-thou and virtue signally that their go to word now is "Selfish".

Remember when crowds gathered on beaches last year? It was summer, hot and sunny. They were selfish because they were going to kill loads of people in 2 weeks.

Remember when people did the conga for the VE Day celebrations? They were selfish because they were going to kill loads of people in 2 weeks.

Remember when BLM rioters smashed shit up? They definitely weren't selfish.

Remember when anti-lockdown protestors gathered together? Oh, they were super selfish and were going to kill loads of people in 2 weeks.

Bit of a pattern here. Imagine being locked away at home for months on end, not allowed to go out and then some family member you haven't been able to see in the flesh
for months comes round. You've not been out, you haven't got the virus. Neither have they.

You hug.


The word "selfish" has been applied to people trying to live their lives as normal as they can, whilst a constant stream of fear is piped into their brains via the tellybox.

Facebook has probably been the worst for it, people posting a picture of 2 people sat on a bench and calling them selfish.

"Just wait till they're on a ventilator" was the standard response. Yet funnily enough this never was the actual outcome.

You see, people on ventilators in ICU was never that many, not as much as the TV folk with an agenda of keeping you watching their fear porn would have you believe.

Have you considered you're calling people selfish because you're jealous?

You want people to stay locked down forever, until there are no more COVID deaths. You want people to not get life saving cancer treatments.

You want people's mental health to suffer because their entire life consists of going shopping, if they're allowed to even do that.

You want people to sit and watch the 4 walls day in and day out.

And you call other people selfish.

Time you look in the mirror, I'd say the sheer misery that you want people to endure makes you the selfish one.

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