To vax or not to vax, that is the question

Remember when we entered Lockdown last March, I mean proper Lockdown?

There was a sense of community, tough British spirit and we all parroted out that heinously nauseating phrase "Stay safe".

Remember it?

It was quite pleasant for a while wasn't it?  The country was at one (apart from the lefties who trotted out nonsense about BoJo having "blood on his hands" and other bollocks).

We thought we'd get through it, right?  People were friendly, they baked banana bread and they even stopped buying toilet rolls they didn't need so Aunt Hilda could wipe her arse.

And then it turned.

People started getting nasty.  They saw someone go in next doors house.

Best ring the dibble, can't be having that.

Even when we opened up there was a sense of superiority from some.  Everyone who did anything remotely like normality was a selfish git.

How dare they, they should all jolly well stay home like me.  I'm a good boy I am, no fun for me.

But we've reached a point now with vaccines that there is actual division.

You see, people who have been vaccinated don't want those who have not to be anywhere near them.  Which is odd.

"You should have to show your vaccination card or passport to get in shops, pubs and football", I've read.



"Well, there's people who haven't had the vaccine see, and they're all carrying this virus"

OK.  Right.

ALL of them?!

There's a rather unhealthy and divisive tone to a lot of people's attitudes.

So let's just look at this via a normal person's (Guffaw - Ed) lens.


You may choose to get vaccinated.  You may not have a choice of which one.  It's clear that there are a lot of side effects with the Astra Zeneca one.  That said, I believe it's safe enough.  I questioned the media's approach to this a few months back.  Let's be clear, it IS an experimental vaccine.  They were cleared for emergency use, the trials don't finish until 2023.

But we have to remember there are people who CAN'T have the vaccine for whatever reason - allergic reactions or incompatibilities with medications they are taking.  Should those people be discriminated against because they can't get vaccinated?

Oh, you didn't mean those people should stay at home forever whilst you're larging it up round town.

So who DO you mean should stay at home and be called names?

Ah, the Anti-Vaxxers.


Not every person who deliberately chooses NOT to have the vaccine is an Anti-Vaxxer.  Nor are they super spreading germ machines either.

That does not mean there aren't Conspiritards out there who will deny everything and only believe people on weird websites or social media.  If someone questions what's in the vaccines and what it might do to their body then isn't that their right?  If they're not actively telling everyone it's got poisons and toxins in just to agitate and be a troll then should they not have that right?

At the end of the day we're being asked to have something put into our bodies that hasn't gone under the required amount of testing.  Whether you believe that or not, I'm sorry but it's true.  WE ARE the testers.

Given that we're now being told there's evidence that the vaccine DOES lower the rate of transmission and we know it lessens effects of the virus - Plus we know it's effective against the so-called variants.  The whole point of the vaccine is to stop people being admitted to hospital.  Originally we thought that you could still get the virus AND pass it on even after the jabs.  Yes, you can get the virus still but you'll just feel a bit shit for a couple of days.

And this is where I find things very frustrating.  You see, the fear conditioning we've been exposed to this last year or so means that we're prone but doing silly things like wetting the bed or shitting ones pants.

Given I have had the first jab and having the 2nd this week AND the fact we've supposedly achieved the blessed herd immunity then if YOU haven't had your jab why should I be wetting my dress?

You see how this works?  We're thinking illogically. 

If 80% (arbitrary figure) of people have had at least one dose, and the remaining 20% haven't had any because they can't or won't then why should it bother you?  If the vaccine works then surely it's the 20% that's at risk, not the 80.  Right?

Vaccine passports to get into shops, cinemas, pubs, brothels....  It's all very Nazi Germany isn't it?


See that person over there, he's not had ANY vaccine yet.  He doesn't want it.  He must be dealt with.

Get him marked.  Something like a Star of David will do the trick.

See where we are heading?

Back to thinking illogically...  Out of those 20% who haven't had the vaccine, 15% of them choose not to have it.  That's 15% of people who are choosing to let their bodies natural defence do the job of fighting it should they get it.  Let's be honest, this is a virus where over 99% of people make a full recovery.

So can we live and let live?  If I'm vaccinated then I'm supposed to be covered, if you haven't had yours you're supposed to be the one at risk, not me.  Let's start thinking logically.

When people suggest that the unvaccinated need to get vaccinated to protect THEM then that suggests the vaccination doesn't work or they don't know what the vaccine does.

It's like saying "I'm wearing sunglasses to protect YOUR eyes".

Pack it in.  We're all going to be just fine.

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