Vaccine Wars

There's a war coming, and to be honest I'm worried.

This is a different type of war, it's not about religion, money or oil.

No, this one is about vaccines.

You see, the media is pushing a narrative for people who are vaccinated to unfriend those people who aren't.

Look at this from Good Morning Britain this week:

drop unvaccinated friends

A genuine question... Is it time to ditch unvaccinated friends?

It's fucking disgusting, and look at the smugness on Adil Ray's face.  He's loving it.

As I said last time, not everybody is able to get vaccinated so you're quite happy to ditch someone you've been friends with for 20+ years because of their medical condition?

You shallow cunt.

"I'm sorry mate, I know you've had cancer and you're just getting over it but we can't be friends anymore.  Yes, I know we're godparents to each others kids, I get that, but you've not had the vaccine you see, you're a danger to me even though I've had both doses...."

Utter, utter cunt.

Just fucking look at yourselves you snivelling shits, you're actually discriminating against a group of people because of how their bodies work or don't.

"Alright Dave, yeah fine mate.  Listen, you know that party we were having next week yeah?  Well, you can't come now.  Yes mate, it's because you've got a spazzy leg"

That's the same shit you're spouting.

You might as well go the whole hog: "Hey Jennifer!  How you doing?  Oh? Fine, fine.  Look, I just wanted to say we can't be friends anymore.  Why?  Well it's because you're [black / white / chinese / asian / gay / straight / bi / christian / catholic / muslim / jewish / jedi / tory / labour]" - Take your fucking pick, you prick.


Are you happy this is the way the country is going? You're helping to fuel this shit by not standing up and thinking with your damn brains.

You're actually happy to dump people you've known forever simply because YOU think these people pose a danger to YOU.  How fucking narcissistic can you be?

Then we have the absolute narcissist herself, Kate Mulvey with this tosh:

kate mulvey unfriend

Not content with just uninviting people from her dinner parties (which by the sounds of things not many attend anyway as she's always banging on about being lonely and asking why she can't find a man) she's actually telling people they're no longer friends.

Being a bit wary and not inviting people round, in a courteous manner is one thing, but she's actually as blunt as can be - You're no friend of mine.

Her article, which is absolute garbage says that she had friends round and they swapped stories of which vaccine they had all received.  When it came to one friend she was, "..very quiet. Because she has decided not to have the jab".

Kate goes on to say that later she was "fuming" about her friend who had decided to go down the herd immunity route or rely on her own body to fight it.

The article then talks about the vaccines efficacy, " fact that can’t be disputed is that, so far, the vaccines are playing a major role in preventing serious disease, even in its mutated forms", which is right, so why is Kate bothered?

She quotes the PHE figures as, "just two people died with the Indian variant of Covid after receiving both jabs. Getting the shot is literally helping us stay alive", but she's still not thinking logically,

She's just turned herself into a nasty old cow.

When one of her friends said she didn't want to "put nasties" in her body, Kate did the honourable thing, "Covid has cleaved a wedge between us. I have not returned her calls since"

How nice!

Now, I know we're not completely talking about people who CAN'T have the vaccine, there are plenty of people who DON'T want the vaccine.

And as I said last time, that is their right.

They have a right to refuse to take part in a mass trial.  That's what this is, you have to admit; the AZ vaccine appeared within weeks of COVID appearing in China, let alone in the UK.  Don't believe me?  Watch the Panorama episode about it.

I've had both doses now, and while it'll be another 3 weeks or so before I'll be fully "primed", as it were, I have no problem with mixing with those who have only had 1 dose or those who have had none.

I'm supposed to be protected.  Assume that every single person in the country gets vaccinated, if the vaccine doesn't stop transmission then what next?  The point of a vaccine is that IF you catch the virus your body fights it and you don't end up in hospital.

But then, let's be clear, the percentage of people who ended up in hospital with COVID was not as many as what was made out.  Many of those with it in hospital caught it WHILE being in hospital already.

But that doesn't fit the narrative.  Thirty percent of positive cases are asymptomatic, that's another 30% of people NOT ending up in hospital.

Use your brains.

Soon we'll be having some kind of stand off with people because of which vaccine they had.

The Astra Zeneca Crew Vs Pfizer Gang - They can't mix see, they're incompatible.  Nope, I'm only going to mix with the AZ crew from now on.

"Sorry Mum, I won't be coming to see you ever again, you had the Pfizer one you see.  Oh I know it's not your fault but that's how it is.  *Click*"

That comes next, mark my words.

Finally, Kate goes all COVID Bullshit Bingo....

"It is about ensuring that the virus doesn’t spread and we don’t end up on a ventilator, gasping our last breath"



Ventilator is on the list, along with ICU and Selfish.

We have a winner!


People, PLEASE don't let these idiots get to you.  They're trying to divide us, you're letting the media tell you who you can be friends with for fucks sake.

Would you accept that if it was telling you not to mix with black people or people from Sunderland?  Granted, the people from Sunderland one is a good point.  But you see where this is going?

You're lapping it up, being told what to do by Adil Fucking Ray and a 56 year old woman with a dried up minge.

Stop it.  Please, if life hasn't been hard enough this last year, don't let these wankers win.  It's all for likes, clicks and ratings but they want to drive a wedge between us.

They are NOT right, they're just cunts.


Let's get back to logical thinking, if you've had your jab/s, you're protected.  If you're with someone who's had theirs or not YOU'RE STILL PROTECTED.

It's not difficult to understand.


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