Forgive me Father for I have sinned

Yes it's true, I have been a naughty boy.

What have I done?

Well, I've been in shops, sans facemask.

"Glory be!", you squeal.

Mark off your COVID Bullshit Bingo, folks.


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You know what? I don't give a shit.  Why?  Because I'm done with this absolute farce.  And I'm not the only one.

I've been 100% compliant since last July when the "We don't recommend wearing masks as they have no effect" turned into "YOU MUST WEAR A MASK OR BE SENT TO ZE SHOWERS"

Yes, they're a pain in the arse (Must be wearing it wrong - Ed), and expecially when you wear glasses - but I've gone along with it.

Even when I'm breathing in my own cheese and onion crisp breath.

But a recent couple of trips to my local Spar (the shop not a massage parlour) I noticed the majority of people were not wearing masks.

So the next time I went in I thought, "Fuck it, I'm going naked"

(I mean without a mask, not strutting down the beer aisle in the altogether)

And you know what?  It was bloody liberating.

How pathetic is that?  I found it liberating after being covered up in shops for almost 12 months.  How much we have been conditioned by fear and discrimination?

So the next time I went, I did it again.

Nobody batted an eyelid.

So I tried it in a petrol station, same again, no fucks were given.

I went to York at the weekend and went maskless in every shop.  In fact, in one shop a woman looked at me and said, "I hate these things, I can't breathe" and took hers off.

I should point out, had I been asked to wear a mask I would have complied - as was the case when I visited a cafe for a quick brew.  Wearing that piece of cloth over my nose and mouth for 4.5 seconds whilst walking from the door to a table really made a huge difference.  COVID can't get me when I'm sat at a table without a mask but it sure as hell knows when I'm stood up.

You see, people are starting to fight back now.  They've had enough.  

We've probably known all along that masks don't do anything.  We're not wearing top grade surgical equipment here, we're wearing the same piece of cloth without washing it for weeks.

Or those ill fitting ones that the NHS bods use.  Except they change theirs multiple times a day, not multiple times a year.

I did an ONS Quiz a few weeks ago and one of the questions was what happened to the number of cases since we were mandated to wear masks last July.

Naturally I chose the "They went down, Bob" option.

When in fact the answer was along the lines of "That's actually a trick question, they were already dropping and there is no evidence to suggest masks make a difference"

I was stunned in all honesty, especially given the source of the data.

Anyway, I digress.

With the decision made by our Cretinous Blimp of a Leader (Bozo), we're now not unlocking on 21st June as planned.

Freedom Day has been put back.  I must admit I'm not surprised one bit and I'm not confident that Bullshitting Boris will change anything come the 19th July either.

Cue all the 


"...we're not in Lockdown no more, what can't you do that couldn't do before?" libtards.

Well, I can't go to nightclubs - whether I wanted to or not.

I can't go to football (granted the season has finished but has been the case for over 12 months now), I can't go the theatre....

TV has stagnated because there's no real audiences in them.

The fact is, as I've stated many times now that the number of cases does not translate to illness or death now.

Even the so called hotspots in the North West the cases of the so-called Delta variant are dropping massively.

The level of hospitalisations is incredibly ow and in most cases people are coming out the same day they're admitted.

You wait and see around the 10th July, there'll be a new "Super Fucking Deadly (TM)" strain from Germany and Austria known as the Bavariant and we'll continue to be locked away like good little slaves for another month.

It gives time for MORE people to be vaccinated, Boris says.  Even though all the old and vulnerable have already had both doses.

It seems we need covid restrictions to protect the vacinated against something they're already protected from, just, you know, to save Christmas and that.

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