The curious case of Boris Johnson

This is the weakest Conservative Government I can remember, and there's been a few in the last few years.

If you thought Theresa May was pony, Boris has got nothing on her. (She had much better legs though)

vic reeves trousers

But what is strange is that Boris started off quite strong.  He'd get Brexit done he said, as opposed to May's, "Brexit means Brexit but it doesn't really LOL".

Mr Johnson may have had the hardest start as Prime Minister (after the 2019 General Election, not when May stepped down and he became PM by default) due to the COVID-19 pandemic - I hate to use the word "unprecedented" as it fucks me right off, but in this case it's true.

However, he just doesn't appear to have learned a damn thing.

The public supported him when he was ill with COVID, something that is now starting to look a little staged - although I'm still not 100% where I stand on that one.  Yes, all the staunch Labour only folk will disagree with everything he says or does regardless of whether it's good or bad because they can't see any other view than their own, but his popularity has increased over the last 12 months.

But then so has his power.

He rushed Emergency Powers through Parliament.  The Government can pretty much do whatever the fuck they like without discussion, debate or vote.

"We have identified that people called Brian are a danger to society, therefore we are going to do away with all Brians in this country".

And with that, everyone called Brian was murdered.  Even Bryan's weren't safe from this tyranny.

I jest, but just look back at what has happened over the last year and look at what is going on now.

We were told Lockdown was 3 weeks to flatten the curve.  Yet Lockdown pretty much stayed enforced until May this year - despite the link between "cases" and illness / death being broken.

COVID restrictions were then going to be lifted. Oh no, better wait another month.  Sorry!

While Pol Pot Belly was on TV telling us all how much of a favour he was doing us by allowing us to go to pubs without having to book a table 5 weeks in advance, his cronies were briefing about night clubs requiring a Vaccine Passport after September.


So, let's get this straight.  I can go to a nightclub now and shake my little tush on the dancefloor - But after September I can't without some kind of Nazi Papers?

What's the difference?

Of course, these are the Vaccine Passports that Michael Gove absolutely said were definitely not coming.

And let's not forget Nadhim Zahawi, the Vaccines Minister who said there were no plans to introduce one.


clare fox vaccine passport

He even swore to journalist and Life Peer, Claire Fox - The lying toad.

I've never known a Government that lies so blatantly and unashamedly.  They just don't give a flying fuck.

And if you think that the Vaccine Passport will only be to get into nightclubs, football matches and festivals think again.

It will be cinemas, pubs, supermarkets and libraries.


papers please

"Yes, you can leave your road just as soon as you show your Vaccine Passports"


Think I am exaggerating?  I really wish I was.

The creep of Totalitarianism has been coming for a while, and I wish I had seen it.  I even dismissed a friend who suggested it years ago with a "Mate, that would NEVER happen here".

Today's announcement that the fat cunt in charge is now rolling out a new app that you will use to log your foods and exercise - and if I'm a good boy because I did 3 miles today and only ate a dusty lettuce leaf I have been awarded with 5 credits - which I can use to buy more dusty lettuce leaves and also allows me to see my friends.

It's voluntary they say.

For now, say I.

For a time will come, and quite soon, when we adopt the Chinese Social Credit System - not only will you be logging your food and exercise, you'll be logging EVERY aspect of your life.

There'll be no more sites like this because the people who contribute will have to quit in case their Social Credit Score is affected. 

"You called Our Glorious Leader, Boris Johnson,  a 'fat cunt' and 'Pol Pot Belly' - You are fined 15 credits and now you've lost your job.  Please report to your local Gulag for reassignment"

How on earth has Johnson (the fat cunt) gone from being so against ID papers, Digital ID and Vaccine Passports to this?

And the problem is that all the people who have been conditioned over the last year or so will lap it up.

"Oh yes sir, please know everything about my life and stop my GP from prescribing the medication I get monthly because I accidentally walked across the road when the Green Man wasn't on"


This isn't a Conservative Government in charge, we are literally seeing the creep of a Fascist state.  The word has been overused so much over the years, but this is literally it people!

This Government is a stark contrast to the one that Margaret Thatcher oversaw.

Yes, she wasn't liked by all, no PM ever is but she's the strongest we've seen for a long time.  None of this shit would happen on her watch.

So, for fucks sake, delete the NHS app, do not engage in any of the COVID claptrap (for that is what is all is now), do not download this new app.

If we do not engage they can't force us.  It's time to wake up, resist and conquer these evil bastards.



Power to the people!


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