The doctor will see you now

Actually, he won't.

Isn't it time our GP's were held to account now?  Even charged with negligence?

Since Lockdown last March it has been impossible to see a GP, the best you can hope for is a phone call, which is fine if you just need to confirm something like medication or it's a simple diagnosis.

But in reality, how can you really diagnose something without seeing a patient?

Even now you can't see a GP, after all the restrictions that have been put in place - GP's are literally sitting at their desks all day doing the square root of fuck all.

And we're paying for it.

In March last year I developed an issue with my knee.  I didn't get to speak to a Doctor let alone see one.  Although I did speak with a Nurse Practitioner who was generally more useful than my own GP.

The problem is that he was unable to see what was going on with my knee because he couldn't examine it.  All he had to go off was my own words of, "It really fucking hurts and I can't walk".

You can tell I'm not a Doctor either.

A prescription of some pain killers was dished out, but 2 weeks later when I had another call with him to say it's gotten worse, the pain killers weren't working and I still can barely walk he does something else.

Does he get me to go to the surgery to have a look?  No, he sends me for an X-Ray and gives me some even stronger painkillers.

So, I can go to a medical environment for an X-Ray but I can't go to my own surgery?

Eventually, I get referred to a specialist, but that is some 6 weeks away... By which point my knee problem resolved itself.

But that's beside the point, I was unable to see someone who could have examined it properly and made a diagnosis.  Could it have healed quicker?  Maybe, maybe not.

That was late March last year and it lasted into May.

But here we are, 16 months later and we're still in a similar position.  You still can't see a GP.

Surely if we're sanitizing and wearing masks that's all we need?  I can go to my dentist and have him and 2 assistants crowd round me.  But I can't see a GP.

People are being turned away with illness because the GP's simply don't want to work.  They've gotten used to being at home or in the surgery making 5 minute phone calls.

Found a lump and you want it checking out?

The prescription? Take some Ibuprofen and clap on your doorstep on Thursday at 8.


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