Strictly Come Dancing is racist

BBC presenter Anti Rani claims that she didn't win Strictly Come Dancing because she's not white.

strictly racist

Really?  Having a "brown face" could have stopped her reaching the final?

I suppose me having no talent for dance nor the inclination to learn and participate probably stopped me from getting to the final too.

So, is the BBC racist?  Let's have a look shall we?

Anita is a presenter on Countryfile, one of its longest running programmes.  A genre that doesn't usually appeal to "brown facers", or black people or Asians in general I find.

But she's still got a major part on the show despite not being part of the target demographic.  Racist?  No.  Probably a bit of reverse racism / tickboxing going on though knowing the BBC and their woke agenda.

She's a presenter on Woman's Hour.  Also by the BBC.

She's listed as a rich journalist, worth over £1.5m.

She's been nominated for "Best onscreen personality" before. And she has the gall to ask "Is my brown face holding me back?"

The answer as you can see is IS IT FUCK.

Maybe, just maybe you're shit at dancing and there were better people on the show?


Going back to Strictly, a quick Google shows that Oti Mabuse has won it twice.  And she's definitely not white.

So, is Strictly racist?  No.

Is Anita trying to play the race card for her failure to win a shit dance show?  Yes.

And there we have it.


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