Facebook and the crisis of idiots

Facebook, a great way to keep in touch with your mates.
But do you believe everything you read on there?  Some do.
Like for example, someone will post something political and everyone will believe it word for word despite never knowing the person who wrote it or their credentials for writing a political piece.
Must be true, it's on Facebook, yeah?
And then the conspiracies that people blindly believe.
Have you seen the one about Subway (Eat Fresh) using a chemical called dihygroden monoxide in their food?  It must be dangerous as it's used in industrial solvents and coolants, in nuclear power plants and to distribute pesticides.
The immediate response, "Well, I won't be going to Subway (Eat Fresh) ever again!  That is outrageous"
Must be true, it's on Facebook, yeah?
Except dihygroden monoxide is WATER.
And then, there's the picture of a kid, who is dying and has suffered all forms of abuse.
Poor the kid, that bloody little cute bastard.
Who I can guarantee 100% isn't the person being written about AND the person being written about doesn't exist.
Someone made it up.
BUT it must be true, it's on Facebook, yeah?
Oh, and there's the picture of an old couple with a story that is actually a 50 year old joke but people think it's real and aww bless them, what a lovely couple, despite the fact that the narrative was a joke and this thing didn't happen to this couple because it's just a picture stolen off the internet.
old codgers
Like these fuckers.
BUT it must be true, it's on Facebook, yeah?
And of course we ALL love the silly little challenges like "Name a fish with no A, I bet you can't"
Well, cod for one.
And finally, those without a sense of humour who see things like The Daily Mash who poke fun at people, posting satire, like ourselves - but they believe the article!
Yes, because The Daily Mash really sounds like a genuine newspaper, you dolt.
Don't believe everything you read on Facebook, unless you're going to check it's real, else you look like a right bell end.