The Government has failed us all

The Government has failed us all - from mishandling the COVID pandemic to using the pandemic to strip us of our rights and hand money to their mates.

They've used propaganda to keep you in check, telling you lies to keep you fearing; they've used emergency powers to bring in new laws without sufficient (if any) debate or vote.

This isn't a democracy, something we British are usually very proud of.

We see other countries fall into ruin and think "That would never happen here", yet it is.  We are being eroded by a party that was put in power to run the country, do right by us all and keep us safe.

Yet they don't give two fucks, and you'll vote for them next time because "There's nobody any better!"

I hear that all the time.

People hate the Tories but will continue to vote them in because Labour are not real opposition party.

And there's some truth in that.  In fact, there's a lot of truth in that.

But just consider for one minute, is this REALLY a Conservative Government?  I don't think it is.

A Conservative Government doesn't want to pay you 80% of your salary to sit on your arse all day watching TV.  A Conservative Government doesn't want to give you ANYTHING at all - you have to go out there and earn it, me lad.

A Conservative Government doesn't allow hundreds of illegal gimmegrants to cross the sea and disappear into a system of free handouts, trumping those who were born of these shores and who have paid INTO the system they require help from.

A Conservative Government doesn't allow the woke agenda that is rapidly invading every facet of society.

This is a Labour Government by another name.

So, I guess you're right, there isn't a real opposition party.

Labour have gone along with everything the Tories have done throughout COVID.  Granted, Sir Keir "Keith" Starmer, AKA Captain Hindsight has butted in a few times to tell Pol Potbelly what he should have done (most of the time it WAS what he'd already done) - he doesn't have a suggestion for what to do in future.

And if you thought this Government had a bunch of inept fuckwitts just take a look at Labour - Angela Rayner, Jess Phillips, David Lammy, Lisa Nandy, Emily Thornbury... I could go on.

It literally is a case of "The best of a bad bunch" - Or "Taller than Danny De Vito".

That isn't a strong line-up to challenge the corrupt, inept fuckers in charge right now.  

It's depressing isn't it?  You want the Tories out, but Labour isn't the answer either.

And that's where are with this country, no real opposition.

Or so I thought.

I've been reading a certain weekly magazine for a few months now and one of the columnists, Rod Liddle, just seems to resonate with me every damn week.  At the end of each article I'm left looking like this:

me rod spiderman

It really is uncanny how someone can speak to you and be on your level with everything they say.

So, how is this relevant?

Well, in one article he mentions his political persuasion, which is the SDP.

SDP?  I thought?  Those Socialists from the 80's?  Surely not.

SDP... SDLP?  SDP Liberal Alliance.  All that?

Dr David Owen,  David Steele (both great Spitting Image characters!) and so on?

Now, I don't DO Socialism.  I was a bit confused how Rod and I can share the same views and he support a Socialist party.

So I did some research.  I looked up the SDP - Social Democratic Party or the Social Democrats.

And to my surprise I find they're NOT Socialists.  They're centre-left when it comes to economics and centre-right when comes to culture etc.

I was intrigued.

I looked up their policies, and to my utter surprise I agreed with absolutely everything they stood for.

Colour me taken aback.

I've voted Tory pretty much in all General Elections in this country bar 3.  I was even a member of the Tories back in my early 20s for a couple of years.

Saying that, I've generally regarded myself as a swinging voter (matron), I'll vote for who will give me and those around me a better life, so the couple of times later in life when my vote went elsewhere shows I'm not a staunch Evil Tory (tm).

But given everything that's happened in politics etc over the last 3-4 years I can honestly say I could NEVER vote either Tory or Labour again.

SDP gets my vote.  Unless of course their politics go to pot then I'd clearly reconsider my options.

Now, before you're left looking like:

confused man

"Dude, the fuck you going on about?  Is this some Party Political Broadcast or advert?"

 The answer is NO.

My point is that after feeling politically homeless for years, and voting for someone because the other lot are shitcunts or whatever isn't really that satisfying; I've actually found a party that speaks to ME, that represents ME.

There's a view out there that if you're not a Tory, Labour, Liberal or Green then you're probably a racist bigot bastard because you support one of the new "Far Right" parties.

Despite there being very little on the "Far Right" front.  You're more likely to experience Far Left than Right.  It's just a view pushed on us by the media.

I'm not here to recruit or coerce people or anything like that - the reason for this article to is point out that after years of political homelessness and never feeling represented that I have found a party that does.

Like you may have done earlier, I did a little snigger when the SDP was mentioned by Rod.  And that's part of the political party snobbery that exists.

You might vote for the "big 3" or go with the Greens for a bit of virtue signalling but really, when you think about it, there IS room for another party to come to the table and challenge for power.

I've said several times over the years that this country needs to break the stranglehold that the "Big 2" have, we shouldn't be in a situation where it's a 2 horse race especially when there's nothing likeable about either.

Can the SDP win an election?  No, they don't have enough candidates and frankly our "First Past the Post" voting system makes it difficult for anyone but the Tories to continually take power.

But that's not to say this can't change.  If enough people got involved, became candidates and got elected then it challenges that power.

I'm not asking YOU to consider THIS party, that's for you to do for yourself; as I said, I'm not recruiting.  But if you have felt like me over the years, struggling with politics and democracy as a whole then it's time to consider something else.  They were a famous party once, the party has changed much since then - They've given me a whole new lease of political life.

If you're like me, why not have a look?  I'll leave you to Google it yourself, as it's really up to you :)



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