Protect the NHS, it's just for COVID

Remember last year when we were told to "PROTECT THE NHS!"?

It was to make sure that hospitals weren't overwhelmed with this new COVID virus, right?

But as the year went on and we realised that it wasn't the 100% death rate the media were telling us on a daily basis, it was in fact a rather lousy 0.5%, if that.

But even as the year progressed and the shops reopened we were still protecting the NHS, even as cases and deaths dropped massively.

The problem is, we've been conditioned to think of the NHS as a thing we should worship, a deity, if you will.

It seems it can do no wrong (as well as no operations), and we should protect it at all costs.

Protect it from what though?  Being overwhelmed?

nhs not overwhelmed

Oh, right.

But still we're told that we must protect the NHS, hospitals could be filled to capacity if we're not careful.

And that's where I have a problem.  See, shouldn't the hospitals BE to capacity?  If not, what's the point of having them?

Isn't the job the NHS to protect us, not us protect them?  What are we paying our taxes and national insurance for?

Imagine owning a hairdressing salon, having 3 chairs in it and 2 hairdressers as well as yourself making 3.  You can cut 3 peoples hair at the same time, but no, you're only going to accept one customer at a time for fear of being overrun.

Imagine having a car garage that has 5 bays, enough mechanics to work in all 5 bays at once (as well as one who's on the shitter reading the Daily Sport) but only ever taking enough customers per day for 3 of those 5 bays to be utilised.

What are you doing with those other 2 bays?  What are those other mechanics doing all day?  You're literally paying them to do fuck all.

Doesn't make good business sense does it?

Now apply that to a hospital ward.  It's got 30 beds in it, but you're not going to take any patients in it at all, because one of the other wards is full and you're frightened yours might get full too.

Isn't that what we pay for though?

Aren't hospitals supposed to be almost full?  Are they not supposed to be treating people?

The last time I checked, the NHS was an acronym for the NATIONAL HEALTH SERVICE, not a NATIONAL HERITAGE SITE.

What's the fucking point of having hospitals and healthcare settings if we're not allowed to use them?

Why has COVID become the ONLY thing that people are allowed to be in hospital for?  So, clear out the hospitals of cancer patients, we might need room for other sick people.

BUT wait!  They've got the Omicron variant which is a heavy cold.  Just like we get in winter!  Quelle surprise!

There's a bunch of people who have tested positive on a LFT, so they get a PCR which also comes up positive.

"Quick!  Get them in hospital tout-fucking-suite even if they're not poorly, because you know, wait 14 days for that"

"But they only have to self isolate for 10 days!"

"No! We don't know the extent of the virus, they could be super poorly!  Better to be safe than sorry!"

"So another month of no cancer treatment?"

"Sadly not, but what can we do?!"


So-called experts are suggesting a ridiculous number of cases per day from Omicron.  I've even seen one suggest 1 million PER day - I shit you not!  A million cases a day!!

And now there's ONE death in the UK with Omicron (that's WITH not FROM) we've not been given any further details about the patient.

For all we know, they were a cancer riddled 90 year old who fell off a ladder and broke a load of bones; they contracted COVID in A&E as they were there longer than Tom Hanks in that fucking airport in Terminal - But it was DEFINITELY Omicron what done it.

It's all nonsense.

Clear out the hospitals because we might need to use them in future for a heavy cold based on a future that we've just made up!

People are desperate to be a victim of COVID.  Stop testing everytime you cough or sneeze!  You didn't look to get tested every winter when you had a cold did you?

We have to get out of this mindset or this thing will never end.

Go to hospital with a broken leg.  "Sorry sir, we only do COVID here these days!"

"Test me, Doctor, TEST ME!!!"

you are with covid

With thanks to Ankh for collaboration.