The rise of Hitler was so easy

Do you remember doing history at school?  In particular World War 2?

We've all done it, right?  It didn't cover just the war itself though but the lead up to it; not just a year or two before but the 30's in general.

We saw how Hitler rose to power by force and how he turned people against the Jews, demonising them for no real reason.

Do you remember being shocked at how easy it was for this to happen?  Did you say, "Why did nobody do anything?  Why didn't anybody say anything?!"

Of course, we all did.

We all said that it couldn't happen again, simply because we've evolved as a species.  We have rights and democracy and technology like social media that just wouldn't allow it to happen.

But we're wrong because it IS happening all over again, yet people just can't seem to see it - it's actually quite frightening.

COVID has allowed some people to get away with anything.  Laws have been passed without debate, restrictions have been put in place without any logic.  We've been told that certain things wouldn't happen and then suddenly they have.

The rise of fascism has gathered pace in the last few months and it centres very much around unvaccinated people.

We were told that vaccine passports would never be a thing, then it was a maybe, then it was a thing.  Remember, it's for your safety.  I mean, the passport itself doesn't stop transmission, it's just a record of your vaccination.

Vaccines were originally just for the vulnerable and over 70s.  Then the over 60s, then each age group all the way down.  It was our route out of this pandemic, remember that?

Then suddenly we needed a 2nd dose because the first didn't last too long.

Then wow, all the oldies needed a booster just to top themselves up for the winter.  But then the oldies turned into EVERYONE.

"Get boosted now, you bastards", Fatty Johnson said on TV.

Because 3 doses of a vaccine in less than 12 months is good, right?  Hmm.

Vaccines were definitely voluntary, they would never mandate them.

Until of course they mandated them for NHS and care staff; no jab no job they said.  That's nice.  Didn't seem to mind them working their arses off in 2020 with bullshit PPE though.

THOUSANDS of staff have had to leave already badly staffed care homes and the NHS is seeing a shortage of staff as thousands have left, not been replaced and now there's loads of staff off isolating because they've been exposed to COVID but aren't actually ill.

But worse than that is the demonising of unvaccinated people, as if they're the worst people you could meet. Literally second class citizens.

Selfish they are, apparently.  Well, maybe so, but not in the negative context you might wish for.  See, these people have chosen NOT to take the vaccines for whatever reason.

If selfish means they're looking out for number one, then so be it, I don't see a problem there.  After all, aren't we all doing what's best for us?

It's easy to call anyone who questions this stuff an "Anti Vaxxer".  Sure, there are people who are anti everything, it's a label that's been used to direct hate towards people.

Let's be honest, and I hope you'll take this in - the vaccines ARE still in trial.  They were approved for public use, of course, but under emergency use.  The trial itself doesn't end until next year.

Nobody knows the long term effects of these drugs, yet we've queued up to have them injected into us twice or thrice.

Let's also consider that not everyone NEEDS a vaccination.  Look at all the people you know who got COVID in 2020 when there wasn't a vaccine.  How many ended up in hospital?  How many died?  I don't know ANY.

Of course, I am not the benchmark for this, but when you have this discussion with friends it's seems to be fairly common.  You get the odd bullshitter who claims to have lost "3 or 4 members of my family" (If I had lost members of my family to COVID I'd remember if it was 3 or 4), but in general it seems that most people that were COVID positive in 2020 were pretty mild to flu like symptoms.  Also bear in mind this Alpha phase was the strongest version of the virus.

Do we really need another vaccine or booster to get us through Omicron?  It's mutated 24 times apparently and is much more transmissible, as variants often tend to be, but also the payload is less.  It's like a bad cold, a case of flu at worst.

Maybe it IS the flu?  Have we considered that?

So if someone exercises "informed consent" and chooses not to take an experimental drug then surely that's on them?  It's their decision.  

Why should they be demonised?

Who is paying well known media personalities to come out and say that unvaccinated people should be treated differently?  They can't all have had the same opinion all at the same time - someone is controlling the narrative.

The media has been incredibly divisive of late, turning vaccinated people on the unvaccinated.  People who I thought were intelligent, "live and let live" friends have shown themselves to be absolute wankers.  There might be a mass Facebook culling soon.  I've never known people to be so badly brainwashed by fear, without the ability to actually think logically.

Some of my "friends" would be the first pointing outside a house, directing the Jab Squad into the house of someone who's had no vaccine.

"Here he is", shouts Bryan, "He's only had 2 jabs!  How selfish of him!  Get that third bastard dose in him!  It's to protect us all!"

The rise at which this has occurred in on a par with Hitler and his Nazism.  He turned the Germans against the Jews and other minorities, why DID nobody question it?  I'm sure they did but they were bumped off pretty quickly.  At least we haven't reached that stage yet.

I've tried to have discussions with friends around the demonising of unvaccinated people, but they just don't get it.

"They're still selfish people.  They don't care.  They should get the jabs to protect those around them."

The nudge unit has done a fantastic job on these people.  I hope one day they'll wake up and realise just how much they've been taken for a ride.

But it's not just isolated to England, look at the state of Scotland and Wales under Wee Jimmy Kranky and that Welsh prick respectively.  They're living under restrictions that make no sense at all.  What the fuck is going on?

Italy has mandated vaccines for everyone.

Greece too.  People face a fine for EVERY DAY they go unvaccinated.

Look at Australia, I wouldn't dare compare it to Auschwitz as I have too much dignity and respect for that, but fuck me, it's not far off.  

Germany, Austria.. The list goes on.

And in France, we have that stupid twat Macron officially saying that he wants to "piss off" and inconvenience then unvaccinated as much as possible.  Why? 

He's called them "non citizens".  That'll get them on side, I'm sure.

Why must people be coerced into taking a vaccine for a virus that is now mutating itself to become a bad cold?  You have to wonder what the end game is, because it's surely not about a virus anymore.  Every single person on the planet MUST be jabbed, why?

I still believe it's the Digital ID, slowly but surely we will get there.  And before we know it we have a China style Social Credit System, by that time we're fucked and there's no going back.

Remember that time you said, "WHY DID NOBODY STOP HITLER?"

Now is the time to think about that phrase again.  


At the end of the day, you can take the vaccine or not, that's your choice.  It really doesn't affect anyone other than yourself.