Long COVID is the new Bad Back

Long COVID, a medical condition that sounds like a North Yorkshire village is the new "bad back", isn't it?

It's one of those things that's fairly impossible to prove, especially if you think someone is taking the piss at work.

"Can't come in today boss, bad back you see"

"Prove it..."

You just can't prove or disprove it.  You have to take the person's word for it and hope they're not pulling a fast one so they can just have some time off but not be classed as "sick".

Anyone can just take a few days off now and go "Well, I have Long COVID see.  Can't move like", even though they've never mentioned having had COVID.

And the problem is that there seems to be different types or symptoms, so it's one great big con.

The issue here is that Long COVID seemed to have pitched up fairly quickly after COVID, I'm sure I was seeing reports of it in May 2020.  I mean, really?

There's such a thing called Post Viral Syndrome that remains in ones system after an illness, and to me it seems Long COVID is just that.

People are always looking for excuses not to go to work, but they often don't think through their excuses.

For example, my brother in law has used the excuse of his mother dying twice to have a day off - funeral, you see.

For the record, she's still alive.  What a despicable excuse to use though!  And yes, he did get found out.

And then there's a mental health excuses.  Stress.

Now, don't get me wrong, I've worked in an incredibly stressful environment back in the day.  Part of the reason MOT finished the first time back in 2003 was because of stress and being so busy at work.  Stress most definitely contributed to ending up being Diabetic.

So, I fully understand it exists and it zaps you mentally.  But the problem is that people use it as an excuse for slacking off which makes a mockery of the people who genuinely do suffer from it.

I've worked with some right slack bastards who claim to be stressed or overworked.  Barely doing your hours and fucking about all day is not stress, it's laziness.

And to go back to the bad back issue.  I've worked with a few people who used this excuse.

One ex colleague got given a written warning at work and mysteriously went off with a bad back the next day.  I'm sure it was all a co-incidence.  No, really.

Another ex colleague would go off for months at a time, she'd then have a "return to work" interview just before she'd get binned, come back to work for a few weeks and go off again.  Total piss take.

I firmy believe Long COVID is just Post Viral Syndrome - that's it.  Let's not give it a new name to keep people in fear once more.