Comedy is hate speech and must be punished

If you saw this tweet you'd mistake it for a parody account wouldn't you?

jimmy carr prosecute

Until you realise it's for real.  See, Julie McKenzie is part of the SNP, a thoroughly hateful bunch of cunts who are run by a tin pot dictator and Jimmy Krankie look-a-like.

So what does this relate to?

Well, Jimmy Carr had a new show on Netflix, which has been on there for nigh on 2 months before 1 person took offence to one of the jokes and made a big issue out of it.

I mean, why is this person even watching Jimmy Carr in the first place if they didn't expect a bit of shock and controversy?  Jimmy has been around long enough now for people to know what his comedy & humour is all about - it's pretty clear that it's not what he does on "8 out of 10 cats" and the like.

The joke wasn't even in the first few minutes, so this person who has got all offended sat through a good half hour before deciding to be outraged.

Normally if I'm watching a show and I think it's balls I switch it off after a few minutes, after all, it was on Netflix, it could be stopped at any time.

And now people want Jimmy cancelled, "cos muh hate speech".

Look at the absolute state of this tweet though, from a fucking councillor!  

The SNP are no stranger to having sense of humour by-passes.  Scotland has become an intolerable place where woke is King (or Queen).  Scotland (twinned with China) decided to prosecute a man who made his pet Pug do a Nazi salute.  It was FUNNY, not because I'm a Nazi, but because of the absurdity of it.  It's a fucking Pug doing a Nazi salute for fuck's sake.  It's not real life.

Anyway, look it up - Count Dankula.  The case ran for months and he was found guilty.

Imagine going to a gig and laughing at a joke, then someone decides that joke is "hate speech".  You aren't the one who said the joke but because you laughed, applauded or just smirked wryly you should be taken from the theatre and taken to the nearest gulag for re-education.

Presumably forced to watch shite like "Mrs Brown's Boys" or that insufferable cunt Janey Godley who seemingly CAN say whatever she wants and offend whoever because she once talked shit about Donald Trump.

With each passing year, comedy is being eroded.  The freedom of speech MUST include the freedom to offend.  The problem is that as each year passes and the number of snowflakes increase then we're left with the shite that BBC serve up.  Just the same shit "comedy" served up again and again.  Must not be edgy, must not offend.  I mean, nobody ever died from being offended did they?

These days people seem to want to sit all the way through a show that isn't for them just to make a fuss about it.  If you don't like it, turn it off.

The fact that this councillor actually tweeted this just shows the level we are at.  Jimmy Carr and Ricky Gervais have always been edgy.  They are not scared to joke about certain subjects, that's part of their act.  They don't mean what they say (most of the time).  Gervais has the brilliant knack of just blurting it out and not giving a fuck.  Offended by him?  He doesn't care, why should he?

We have to fight back against these humourless shithouses who want to destroy our lives, leaving us with twee "comedy" that's about as funny as AIDS. (Not even bad AIDS at that).