The Great British Fuck Off

 Thousands of grown men and women are wetting their dresses over a  baking show that is defecting from the BBC to Channel 4.

 The show, "The Great British Bake Off" has demanded a kings ransom to remain with the BBC.  Production Company "Love Productions", which sounds like a sex  shop in Soho wanted more than £25m from the publicly owned broadcaster.  The BBC however refusing to go higher than £15m.

Grown adults are devastated, as they continue to speculate about who will host the show and if the pre-scripted double entendres will continue to annoy everyone who doesn't give a shit about a stupid baking contest.

Mel and Sue have already decided they're not moving to Channel 4.  Turns out they weren't offered a rise after they demanded more dough to make jokes about soggy bottoms and things being moist.

Still, Mary Berry, who wrote the original Frankenstein novel in 1817 will most likely stay on, along with Paul Hollywood.

The new show won't start on Channel 4 until 2017 but of course the general public have already made up their mind, despite knowing fuck all about it.

How can people really care that much about a baking contest?  It is not the end of the world, but I hope it's the end of that stupid #VaginaOrCake Twitter hashtag.

It's getting rather old now.

Like Mary Berry.