Bring back Tomorrow’s World

I was thinking the other day that there’s a real lack of technology programmes on TV these days.

If you’ve watched The Gadget Show in the last few years you’ll see that it’s not really about upcoming technologies and the “next big thing”, it’s more to do with comparing cameras and advertising their own competition.

They spend longer telling you what you could win than they do covering anything else and the presenters aren’t the best either.

What we’re really missing is a show that was axed in 2003, a show that DID show off what technology was emerging (possibly with a little bit of uncertainty at times!), step forward Judith Hann….

Tomorrow’s World.

Has there been anything like it since it disappeared off our screens?  No. 

There used to be loads of computer and tech programmes on TV, granted some of them would be well out of date now.

The likes of Mac and Fred Harris typing in BASIC programs and transmitting them over the air for you to record and LOAD in to your computer with a tape recorder are no longer relevant but that’s not to say there isn’t a market or a need for news about computing and technology.

The world of IT gets bigger by the year, where’s all the programmes telling us about how things are progressing?  What’s the next platform? 

The BBC have a little programme called “Click!” but that’s on at such random times and if you ever try to series link it you end up with a recording of the show plus about four 5 minute long versions of it from 3 in the morning with someone signing over it.

I honestly believe there is room for a comeback of Tomorrow’s World which not only shows us technologies on the cusp of modernity but also a genuine glimpse into where life is heading.

Go back to the old style of the 80’s and 90’s before they started mucking around with it.

Hell, get Judith Hann and Maggie Philbinn back on it!

Let’s bring it back, come on BBC!  Spend some of that money you saved on not resigning GBBO!