Just pay your licence fee, dickhead

I've been following with interest a few conversations on that there Facebook recently where people just don't want to pay the TV Licence fee.

Over the years I've changed my stance on the licence fee, probably because I've grown up (honest) and I actually understand things more.

When I was younger I was anti-licence fee, probably simply because it was a fee and nothing more!

In fact, on the 9th August 2001 I wrote the following in a Monkey on Toast update:

It is time for the licence fee to go, get the BBC to stick adverts on. We really aren't arsed about adverts that much are we? We have been used to adverts for the last god knows how many years, another channel with adverts isn't going to make the blindest bit of difference to average Joe in the street.

Now, I'm totally against this these days.  I hate adverts, and the fact there are hundreds of mostly shit channels available on cable and satellite TV plus the smattering on terrestrial who rely solely on adverts proves that advertising cannot sustain an entire media platform.

Advertisers on ITV are down massively since the 90's and early 00's, I don't have exact figures to back this up but you'll have to just trust me.  I'm a doctor.

Look what shite content is available on ITV these days, X-Factor, I'm a Celeb, Britain's Got Talent etc.  Notice anything about these long running shows?

They're all a vehicle to make ITV money.  ITV really need that money too.

When was the last time you saw something really good on ITV?  I mean properly good, not imported from the US and not some god awful "talent show"?

I cannot remember.

The BBC, however, consistently churn out good original content, the recently aired Rillington Place is a prime example.

I really don't want to see adverts on the BBC, that will certainly dilute the advertisers even further and that will just turn the BBC into a money making machine like ITV, we'll see non-stop dross inviting us to phone in and vote for which front garden looks the best or something.

Going back to the licence fee, I can see the point of some, those who claim they do not watch ANY live TV at all might have a good case.  However, there are many people who claim to never watch the BBC and then list the exceptions!

"Well, I watch Match of the Day on a Saturday night sometimes"


So you watch LIVE TV ON THE BBC SOMETIMES THEN.  You prick.

Now, there will be people who don't have a means of watching live TV.  They have a TV that doesn't have a Freeview tuner, they don't have a set-top box for terrestrial TV, they don't have a satellite box, they don't have cable.

Should they have to pay for a TV licence? No.

However, they do have internet access and therefore iPlayer, which does now necessitate the need for a licence.

If they never use the BBC iPlayer then they shouldn't pay for a licence, that's all fair game, but in all honesty, who is really in this position?  There can't be that many.

Then you get dolts like this:

This tit actually thinks that Sky or Virgin should pay YOUR licence fee because you're already paying them.


That's like expecting your ISP to pay for your Asda shop because you did it online or your local Shell garage to pay your Road Tax because you put their petrol or diesel in your car.

And if we're going down that route, what happens for those who don't have anything other than terrestrial TV then?  Freeview or Freesat?  They're not paying anyone for their TV, so who pays their licence?  Oh they do?  Riiiight.

That's not confusing at all is it?

Stop trying to find ways to avoid paying a measly £12 a month for something that is totally worth it, if you genuinely can't and don't watch the BBC either live or catch-up then crack on, otherwise just pay the money and enjoy.  You can guarantee you're paying more money for shite elsewhere.