The Walking Dead is dead.

This week I've called time on "The Walking Dead".

I'd mentioned before that it had jumped the shark but I persevered for a bit longer.

This week's episode was enough to push me over the edge and officially stop watching.

But there's another side to the show that I thought was a bit weird; all the relationships in the show are now either multi-racial or LGBT.

Now, before you all start calling me some kind of redneck, bigot, fascist, nazi etc. I'm not actually bothered about that in real terms.

I've written articles recently which feature people's sexuality and I'm really not bothered in the slightest what people do.

But, it kind of feels that TV shows go out of their way to have these couples in a show who probably would never have gotten together.

It's not a race thing, but looking at TWD for example, Carol is with Ezekiel.  With her background she'd never have been with him.

Rick's character would never have seen him with Micchone, likewise with Rosita and Gabe.

They are all totally different characters, why put them together like couples for the sake of it?  It's like they're trying to meet a quota.

As if Rosita would be with Gabe.  Gabe's a priest, in real life he'd be too busy trying to get Judith to sit on his knee or finding ways to abuse Henry.

As I say, in the real world I could not care less if couples of different faiths, religions or colour get together.  It happens, there's nothing wrong with that, but TWD seems to just focus on that in such an odd way.

Which leads me on to the new Hive radio advert.  Have you heard it?  

It features a woman talking about being at her child's football match.  But of course it features the line "...and as you're stood there watching your daughter smash the ball in the net you realise, you can't feel your toes".

Why does it HAVE to be the daughter?  I'm not questioning girls playing football.  My own daughter has just started rugby, what I don't understand is the need for adverts to be different.

It's almost like the left are geared up ready to pounce in case it was an advert about boys playing football.  Let's face it, more boys than girls play it, boys is just the natural default.  It's got nothing to do with gender politics and political correctness.

Going out of their way to be different just sticks out like a sore thumb. 

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