Diversity on TV

I saw a trailer the other day for a reboot of the 80s TV series, "Magnum PI".

I was never a massive fan of the original show which featured Tom Selleck, the best bits being the theme tune and the Ferrari. However, one thing struck me is that it seems to have fallen foul of a recent trend when it comes to TV, removal of the "white man".

Thomas Magnum, originally played by a white man in Tom Selleck has been replaced by Jay Hernandez - a man of Mexican origin.

Higgins, originally played by John Hillerman is now a lady. I don't mean Higgins is trans (that I know of!). Hillerman died last year so they'd be hard pushed to get him back for the role, but instead of using another guy of similar traits they've gone for a woman instead.

Finally, the other constantly recurring character, helicopter pilot TC, who is a black man has been replaced by, well, a black man.

And here's where I have a, well, "problem" isn't the word because it doesn't bother as such but it's an issue if the trend continues. Two white male characters have been changed to either a different "colour" or gender, and that's presumably OK but the black guy stays as a black guy because it would probably be classed as racism to make TC be white or chinese?

Why do they insist on doing this in TV and films now? Higgins' character is a male character, it doesn't lend itself to a woman, so why does it have to be a woman now? It's almost like there's some kind of quota that has to be filled for every show instead of having gender / colour specific shows which seems perfectly normal to me.

It also makes it a bit more believable doesn't it? Having a mixture of genders and races in some shows just feels a bit forced like I mentioned the other week regarding The Walking Dead.

It's difficult to explain the situation without being called a racist, fascist, bigoted, sexist, transphobe - the standard insults of the Snowflake Generation, anyone who disagrees with their idealism even though it doesn't feel right.

Like I said, I was never a huge fan of the original show in the first place, but there are more and more reboots of old shows and films these days, and each time they're messing with the cast and characters.

If we're expected to believe the characters then the right actors should be cast in the first place, rather than having to fill some gender and race quota - I actually think that's more offensive than anything. Imagine the thinking behind the show, "Well, the original has 2 white guys as the main characters, we'd better change that so it doesn't upset anyone".

How long until they bring back Knight Rider, but Michael Knight is replaced by a trans woman called Michaela Knight? And instead of fighting crime she's fighting for the rights of LGBT?

Manimal shall return but the lead character is a lady, so it's called Womanimal. And instead of changing into animals to help fight crime or assist others she instead turns into organic vegan produce?

American TV has always been that little bit more far fetched than other countries, so if you want us to believe the premise and storylines of the shows then stop pandering to bed wetting minorities who will never be happy with anything as their goal in life is to make everyone else as unhappy as them.