TV doesn't honour stars anymore

This week it emerged that TV legend Windsor Davies had passed away.

Davies, most famous for his role in the BBC Comedy "It ain't half hot, Mum" hasn't been on TV for a number of years, in fact it came as something of a surprise as I assumed he'd passed away in the Great Passing of 2016.

But something struck me this week, remember back in the olden days when an actor died, there would be a few days of immediate repeats of some of their hit films or shows?

This doesn't seem to happen anymore, why?

Is it because the TV channels don't care?  It is because they'd rather earn money from shit singing competitions or faked drama on dancing shows?

Maybe we could have a new channel that is on air just for a couple of days following the passing of a star?

It's enough to get us all nostalgic about "It ain't 'half hot, Mum" isn't it?  

Although, I'm sure there will be someone who will complain that it's racist and homophobic, so we'll have to settle for some grainy VHS copy on Youtube instead.

It's not like the show was set to offend people, it wasn't and it's from a different era; should that stop us from having a little nostalgic look back at someone's career?

So what next then?  Aside appearing in some of the Carry On films (which definitely aren't on a ban list, yet!), he starred in the antique shop sitcom "Never the Twain".

Strange premise for a TV show really, although not as bad as French Fields.

So let's get some episodes of that on our new channel, I'd forgotten just how nasally Donald Sinden was. (He's dead by the way, don't go adding him to your Dead Pool).

And finally, let's finish off with a few episodes of 80's puppet based show, Terrahawks where Davies played Zeroid, Sgt Major Zero.

sgt major zeroWe really should go back to the old days of just getting some old TV shows signed up ready for when we lose another legend from our screens.

When you compare what is constantly shown such as the drivel the ITV channels have on there has to be a market for it!

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