Gogglebox is shite

I've been a big fan of Gogglebox since it started.  Or should I say, when I became aware of it half way though series 1.

Back then it was genuinely funny, had some really funny people on and it was one of the few programmes I watched live.

These days though, it's absolute drivel.

The people they have on it are all coached in what to say.  It's funny that they only seem to have a go at Boris or the Tories.

You're honestly telling me that none of the people on it vote Tory or any other party?  Not even the posh ones?

Fuck off!

And what's worse, certain individuals seem to get away with making fairly slanderous comments.  Take for example an episode I watched on Friday night.  I'm about 3 weeks behind but it featured that woman who Boris is supposed to have been bonking (to quote The Sun) and whom he gave a contract to.

Now, I don't know if that's true or not and frankly I don't really give a shit as it goes on everywhere not just in politics, however, one comment in particular struck me.

I think it was from one of those vacuous bints from Leeds who said, "Boris has got women all over".

Really?  That is quite slanderous really.

Again, I don't really know if Boris is what's known in the trade as an "Absolute boy" but if he's not shagging around with Ali and Sandy (see what I did there?) then there's a possible case there.

I wonder how much Channel 4 put aside for potential court cases, and with it being publicly funded are they really allowed to behave like that?

Up until a couple of years ago there was an old fella on it called Leon.  Proper staunch Labour supporter, would often refer to any Tory as a "dickhead".  Which is fine, calling someone names is alright in my book.  But when they're making more inflammatory remarks or suggesting corruption etc then that pushes the boundaries.

It's clearly in the name of humour, and the people on it are told what to watch so they have no choice in the matter but it's gone from being a witty show to Channel 4 pushing an anti-Brexit, anti-Tory propaganda which I think is wrong.

That is NOT entertainment, it's boring, dull and been done to death by Mock the Week for the last 3 years.


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