Was Vicky the Viking the first trans nightmare?

Remember the 80s cartoon Vicky the Viking?

I could never tell whether it was supposed to be a boy or a girl.  I know, I know, I shouldn't assume a gender and all that. (Piss off, Ed)

But seriously, could you tell?

vicky the viking

Has a girls name - Vicky

Has long girly hair. (Not a Man-Bun or Top Knot in sight)

Has a girls face.

(Has a womans hand, my Lord)

It's a girl, right?

Wrong.  Turns out Vicky was a boy.

I guess Vicky is a shitty alliterative approach to naming the character but why not go with Victor the Viking for example?

So, that leads me to think, was Vicky the original trans nightmare?

Just think if later in life someone addressed Vicky as "Ma'am", and he has to get all medieval whilst shouting ,"It's Sir!", whilst people are doing that "nutter" hand gesture that Jason Manford does so well.

vicky the vikingVicky after touching your mum