Hunters by Amazon

amazon hunters I've so far watched the first 2 episodes of Hunters by Amazon and I have to say I'm pretty impressed with it.

 Not only is it a great premise for a TV show, it's actually a new genre in itself which is good to see.

 However, it does fall into some of the modern pitfalls of TV and film.



 The show is set in 1977, yet it uses phrases like "Reaching out".

 This phrase is relatively new, I think.  It's only been in common parlance for a couple of years and is very much one of those business "Bullshit Bingo" phrases like "Think outside  the box" and "Touch base".

 If the phrase was in use in the late 70's then how come it's never come up in any episode of Starsky and Hutch et al?  The reason, it simply was not used.

 No spoilers here so don't worry about reading on, but in episode 2 there's a kid with a nut allergy.

 On an airplane the stewardess is handing out seemingly free packets of peanuts and a mother of an annoying child says the child can't have any because he has an allergy.

 Again, nut allergies are certainly a modern thing.  I'm not saying people weren't allergic to nuts in the 70's but it does seem to have only been a common thing in the last 20 years.   When you were growing up did you know ANY kid with such an allergy?  I certainly didn't.

Those kind of conditions, like lactose and gluten intolerancy are very new - when did you ever see a Bond villain or 70s/80s baddie use nuts or wheat to kill someone?



In the 2nd episode (again no spoiler) the female cop turns out to be a lesbian.  Why?  It's just not needed.

I mean, I'm not against ladies being gay, far from it, but why does she need to be gay in this show?  Her relationship seems to have been shoehorned (pardon the expression, no pun intended) in for the sheer sake of it.

If she was straight and was with a guy her sexual relationship still bears no relevance to the story at all.  The fact she's with another woman just seems to be an excuse to create such a scene.


These kind of things have a habit of spoiling shows, just like the obligatory mixed race relationships I've mentioned a few times of late, although so far Hunters hasn't gone down that route, yet.


All in all, 2 episodes in I really like it and I hope the rest of the series continues to keep me entertained as it has so far, but I really wish TV producers wouldn't go for the token wins and think about what language would really have been used back then.  You dig?