Des - The complaints

The recent ITV 3 parter "Des", about the killer Denis Nilsen drew complaints from viewers.

Some said they were genuinely frightened by it and couldn't sleep!


What on earth were you thinking?  That a dead gay fella was going to come to you in your sleep and chop you up, like some camp Freddy Krueger?

And if you don't like a TV show why persist with watching it?  Is that just so you complain to the makers about it? Just don't watch it!

And then there's the people who complained because of all the smoking in it!  Granted, there was a lot of smoking, it probably reflected true life at the time.  I don't think there'd be gratuitous smoking for the sake of it, if Dennis smoked as much he did then it's just reflecting real life.

Personally I thought the show was really good.  Sometimes ITV can come up with a real good drama.

One thing that did annoy me slightly though and it's happening quite a lot in TV shows these days is the use of modern words in shows set in the past.

I've mentioned it before on the Hunters review, it can sometimes spoil a show.  When Des is being interviewed by the police and they find out he's an ex copper they ask why he left.

His response, "Homophobia".

Bear in mind this is set in 1983, I find it hard to believe that would have been Des' answer to the question.  Granted, I know it's not a truly modern word, it has roots in the 60s BUT it only really entered everyday parlance in the last decade.  It didn't spoil the show of course but it does show that writers are applying woke terms to shows set in the past and it doesn't always feel right.

Overall a great 3 parter that I can recommend, especially if you're into true crime.